Akiha and the Tentacle Monster – Story – Part 1

“Stop it you naughty thing or I won’t come to see you anymore,” Akiha giggled.

She dodged away from the creature – she still didn’t know what it was – as it tried to slip another limber, glistening tentacle beneath her short blue skirt.

“Don’t be so rude,” she reproached it. “Is that all you ever think about?”

Laughing, she slipped away from the creature through the bars of sunlight that lit the floor of the abandoned boathouse.

Behind her the creature made a sound, a plaintive mewling kind of noise. Then it paused, watching her, its numerous tentacles writhing slowly in the air.

Akiha was an orphan. She was eighteen years old. She lived with her foster parents beside a wide lake. Her foster father was a fisherman.

Akiha’s tight, white blouse clung to her large, firm breasts as she panted and smiled and peered back through the shadows to look at the creature.

It was so ugly she couldn’t help feeling sorry for it. It was all alone in the world the same as she was.

It was two weeks since she had first seen the creature. One day after school she had observed it from a distance as it dragged itself laboriously from the lake. She’d watched it take refuge in the old boathouse. She’d never seen anything like it. It reminded her of an octopus but she knew there were none in the lake. Besides, it had too many tentacles.

Her first impulse had been to run home to the mean little house where she lived and tell her foster parents what she’d found. But then she’d had second thoughts. Her foster father killed everything he caught in the lake. The creature had looked so helpless then, two weeks ago. So pitiful and lonely that she couldn’t bear the thought of being the cause of its death. In the two weeks that had passed the creature had grown considerably. Now it was almost as tall as her foster father, but Akiha still couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone about it. It was her secret. And besides, the creature wouldn’t hurt her. It was her friend.

Now she stood in the abandoned boathouse and they looked at each other. Dust motes drifted slowly through the sunshine that slanted here and there through the gaps in the warped and twisted roof. The floor of the boathouse was littered with old fishing gear and nets and dirty, wrinkled tarpaulins. The air smelled dry and dusty and faintly of old sawdust.

“I can’t stay very long today,” Akiha told the creature. Her foster mother’s name was Hamako. She and Akiha didn’t get along. If she was late home Akiha would be in trouble.

She smiled fondly at the creature, sometimes she had the feeling it understood everything she said. It was looking at her now. It’s eyes were huge and expressive, the shape and colour of the full moon. Its mouth was a wrinkled slit. Now, again, it made the only sound she’d ever heard it produce; a soft, watery, mewling sound.

The creature had fourteen tentacles, they weren’t all the same, and some were longer and thicker than others. Its skin was thick and rubbery looking. A deep emerald green. It glistened wetly. It squatted heavily on some of its tentacles while half a dozen others waved slowly in the warm, still air. The underside of its tentacles were a slightly paler green and were covered by rows of numerous pale pink disc-like suckers that sometimes puckered and dilated as its tentacles rose in the air.

“I know what it’s like to be lonely,” Akiha told it. Her smile faded and her attractive face fell as she thought about her situation. Sometimes she was so unhappy that all she wanted to do was cry.

She stood for a moment with her unhappy face lit by a bar of golden sunlight. Her glossy, shoulder length black hair was worn in a neat pony tail. Her taut, well-filled white blouse seemed to glow in the shadows. Her short blue skirt flared about her long and shapely legs as she took several steps towards a single dusty, cobwebbed window.

The view from the window was of the lake. Today the water was blue and sunlight sparkled on the small waves. Far out on the lake she saw a single, faded red sail. Beyond the lake rose wooded hillsides and beyond the hillsides reared snow capped mountains.

“Sometimes I think about running away,” she whispered dreamily.

Sighing, she drew a deep, unhappy breath.

“But where could I go? I don’t know anyone…”

She stared at the distant mountains, lost in thought, dreaming of a new life for herself far away from her foster parents. Perhaps one day she would find a young man who would fall in love with her.

“He doesn’t have to be rich,” she whispered.

A small, sad smile touched her lips and a far away look appeared in her dark, almond shaped eyes.

Akiha had never had a boyfriend, her foster parent’s house was in a remote valley miles from anywhere interesting. She thought the boys her age at the small village school were childish and immature. She’d never been kissed. Only once had she ever been touched by a boy. He’d surprised her one day by sneaking up behind her and reaching around to crudely grope her breasts. At the time she’d been angry and embarrassed. His friends had been watching and they’d all laughed. But later, alone in her bed, she’d remembered the brief touch of his hands, the way he’d spread his fingers and cupped and squeezed her breasts. The memory had made her face burn with shame all over again, but it had also excited her and made her heart beat faster in a way she didn’t really understand.

Now, with another sigh, Akiha turned from the window.

“Hamako says I daydream too much,” she told the creature. Her expression brightened as she saw that it had moved closer while she’d been gazing out of the window. Two of its tentacles were almost within reach of her and Akiha giggled happily as she skipped out of range.

“You are a boy creature, I think,” she said. “Just like boys you have only one thing on your mind.”

Smiling, she retreated towards the shadow draped wall at the back of the boathouse. Her short skirt flapped about her legs and her pony tail bounced. Her large breasts trembled and heaved inside the taut white confines of her blouse as the creature followed her with slow and ponderous determination. For the first time she saw its thick, flexible tongue protruding wetly from its lipless mouth.

Akiha laughed and for a joke she leaned towards the creature and put her hands on her hips and put out her own tongue.

“You see? You put out your tongue at me, I can do the same.”

When the creature stretched a tentacle towards her Akiha playfully pushed it away.

“No, I don’t have anything for you. What you need is a girl creature, not a real girl.”

The worn floorboards beneath them creaked as Akiha outmanoeuvred the creature each time it came within reach. She darted from one band of shadows to the next while the creature continued to worm its way towards her propelling itself along with its writhing, coiling tentacles. The thick snake-like tentacles shone dully where the sunlight touched them. Its mouth quivered and its thick green tongue lolled, dripping a thin clear liquid that fell in spots on the dry and dusty floor. The creature’s eyes followed her wherever she moved. It watched her with a concentrated intensity that amused her.

She paused, panting, her breasts rising and falling, and she smiled as she wondered why the creature seemed so attracted to her.

“What is it, I wonder?” she asked it. “My clothes? Do you like the colours?”

Her blouse was startlingly white in the drab and dusty shade of the old boathouse. Her skirt, a deep, rich blue. She looked down at herself and as she did so the creature mewled and the dark green tip of a tentacle came within inches of her bare legs. For the first time Akiha found herself wondering how it would feel if the tentacle touched her bare skin.

The tips of its tentacles were not all the same. Some reminded her of the sensitive fleshy tip of an elephant’s trunk. Others ended in a smoothly pointed tip that changed colour from emerald green to glossy black at the end. The disc-like suckers on the underside of the tentacles looked like dozens of tiny, puckering lips. Its skin flexed smoothly like soft leather or rubber. The tentacles writhed slowly all at once in different directions, flexing and curling and weaving constantly in a sinuous and almost hypnotic display of movement. It was difficult to follow the movements of one before she became distracted by another.

Akiha’s smile faded as she contemplated the creature before her. Raised up it was taller now than she was but she wasn’t afraid. She saw herself reflected in its large, pale eyes. It was a poor, dumb creature, lonely, like herself. Its eyes were set low on its long, narrow skull. She felt a tender, amused compassion for it as its thick tongue hung dripping almost to the floor. For a moment she sensed its utter loneliness. The calm intensity of its unblinking gaze moved her towards tenderness and curiosity. Up close it smelled faintly of the outdoors, of the deep lake, of the forests, of damp and secret places.

“I know you won’t hurt me,” Akiha whispered as its nearest tentacle reached ever closer.

She stood still and watched it and as she did so she felt the first stirrings of excitement in the pit of her stomach. The tip of the tentacle was black and shone dully like dry rubber. It curled and flexed, no thicker than a finger tip. The sun through the window cast its advancing shadow on the dusty floorboards.

Akiha swallowed. She began to tremble. She stood with her feet neatly together and smoothed her short skirt and held it against her legs. The tentacle curled around her left leg and brushed her calf and Akiha shuddered. It felt like a caress. She was reminded of the way she’d felt after the boy had touched her breasts. Her heart began to beat faster as the tentacle rose about her leg. She felt the soft, warm touch of its disc-like suckers and a ragged breath escaped her. It felt like kisses on her bare skin, a dozen gentle kisses.

Her lips parted and she began to pant. Her breasts rose and fell. She watched the tentacle and felt its upward progress as it explored her thighs. The creature shifted heavily, moving still closer, and now more tentacles rose, wavering about her. She watched them with a nervous, uncertain smile on her lips, becoming anxious for the first time about the creature’s intentions. She giggled uneasily as numerous tentacles reached towards her. She could still see her reflection in the creature’s eyes, the white of her blouse, her blue skirt, the flesh tones of her bare legs.

The tip of the tentacle that had been caressing her thigh, covering her thigh with a hundred teasing kisses, curled beneath the hem of her short skirt and Akiha gasped.

“No! Not there!” she reproached it, shocked. She grasped the hem of her skirt and twisted her hips away from the intrusive tentacle. She laughed but she was suddenly uneasy. More tentacles were reaching for her. She jerked as she felt them brush her arms. She raised a foot as a tentacle coiled about her ankle. She felt her skirt being lifted from behind. Suddenly she could feel the probing tentacles all around her, nudging her, touching, teasing.

“Stop it! That isn’t nice,” she said, and now there was an edge of panic in her voice.

She freed her leg and stepped away from the creature. No sooner had she moved to avoid one tentacle than another one touched her elsewhere.

Fighting to control her sudden doubts Akiha backed nervously away from the creature.

“I have to go,” she said. “Don’t. No! You mustn’t…”

As she turned away to escape the creature’s advances she stumbled and fell. She suddenly found herself on all fours with her back to the creature.

The fall had flipped up her skirt to expose her white panties. Akiha threw a frightened glance over her shoulder as she felt a tentacle slip smoothly between her parted thighs, snugly insinuating itself between her legs. She squealed and squirmed to try to escape its invasive caress as the tentacle curled tightly about her left thigh. She tried to stand but she couldn’t. Other tentacles were reaching for her. She tried to scamper away on her hands and knees. Her blouse pulled loose from her skirt as the creature tightened its grip and drew her back.

Akiha tried to hold on to the uneven floorboards beneath her but she found herself fast becoming caught up in the creature’s tentacles. Her arms were seized. She was lifted, struggling, from the floor. She found herself raised bodily above the sunwashed floor of the boathouse.

“Please! Let me down! Let me go! What are you doing?”

As she continued to struggle she found herself turned slowly towards the creature, suspended feet above the floor, her arms and legs firmly held aside by tentacles.

Akiha tried to kick her legs free. She heaved her body from side to side. She strained to free her arms but she was helpless to escape. She found herself gazing down into the creature’s fathomless eyes. Her arms were held out to her sides. Her legs held open. Her skirt had risen about her waist to expose her white panties. Her blouse was dusty from the floor and hung dishevelled outside her skirt. Her large breasts heaved as she struggled weakly but the creature’s grip was secure. She was vulnerable and helpless to defend herself.

“But I’m your friend,” she gasped. “What are you going to do to me?”

For a moment the creature merely seemed to study her as Akiha hung helpless in its grasp. The sunlight through the dusty window cast her shadow on the far wall, a perfect silhouette of her youthful, feminine figure suspended before the squatting motionless creature. Bars of sunlight falling through the roof lit Akiha’s perspiring, attractive, troubled face. She felt the sun warm across her bare thighs. She breathed heavily, struggling to catch her breath. Dust drifted silently in the air.

“Please,” Akiha pleaded breathlessly. “I don’t know what you want.”

Some hair had pulled loose from her pony tail and it lay across her cheek. She tossed her head to throw it aside. Suddenly it seemed as if the boathouse was moving. The wooden joists of the ceiling appeared to rise away from her. She looked up in surprise, startled, until she realised that she was moving. The creature was lowering her, bringing her closer to its other tentacles. Akiha screamed. She renewed her struggles but she couldn’t free herself. Again, she hung suspended, but this time only inches from the floor.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” she repeated, still struggling weakly, and gasping for breath.

As she spoke the fleshy tip of a tentacle rose ominously into her vision. Its blunt tip curled and arched backwards like a snake preparing to strike. It rose sinuously between her outstretched legs only inches from her pussy. Akiha watched, frozen in horrified anticipation, as it slowly moved closer. She began to shake her head slowly from side to side. She tried to move her hips but there was nothing she could do to avoid the tentacle as it drew ever closer.

“No, oh no, please, not that, not there.” Her words were little more than a breathless whisper. Her eyes opened wide in shocked disbelief.

She panted rapidly as she looked down the suspended length of her helpless body. Her thighs were spread wide, held fast by the creature’s tentacles. She could see her white panties, the thin cotton stretched taut over the prominent bulge of her mound. The fleshy tip of the tentacle flexed with the workings of lithe muscles under the skin. There was a dark hole at its centre that opened and closed and seemed to lubricate itself by slowly exuding a thin trickle of glistening oil.

Akiha moaned with apprehension. She struggled but she was held fast. She was unable to look away but watched with wide, staring eyes as the soft, blunt tip of the tentacle nuzzled deliberately and with shocking intimacy between her wide stretched legs.

“Noooooo!” she moaned. She tried to writhe her hips away but the tentacle moved with her. She saw the fleshy end contract and felt it softly and inquisitively probing her pussy through her panties. Her hips jerked involuntarily at the intimacy of its touch. There was nothing she could do to evade the gently exploring tentacle. She felt it flex tentatively against her pussy, softly clutching her most intimate private place. At the same time she became aware that the oil the tentacle exuded was quickly soaking through her panties, making them see-through, turning her soft, inner thighs slick with a thick and fragrant liquid.

Akiha moaned breathlessly. She writhed and squirmed against the probing tentacle between her legs. She was helpless to evade it. She could feel the muscles inside the flexible, fleshy tube squeezing and caressing her pussy. Suddenly her hips began to thrust uncontrollably. She didn’t know what was happening or what it meant. Her stomach muscles tightened. Her body felt out of control. Her breath came in short, agonised gasps, faster and faster until her entire body abruptly stiffened and a ragged, tortured groan was forced from her lips.

Akiha shuddered and convulsed in the creature’s unrelenting grasp. Her head lolled. Her legs were suddenly trembling. She was bathed in perspiration. Dazedly, she raised her head.

Looking up she felt as if she were drowning in a sea of waving tentacles. They rose sinuously all around her. There was a faint, elusive musky smell in the air that seemed to be the fragrance of the oil exuded by some of the tentacles. Although she still hung suspended she felt as though she was lying on a bed of slowly writhing tentacles. The creature’s eyes appeared shining with a lustrous animal intelligence. It mewled continuously, its distended tongue dripping copious amounts of clear saliva. Akiha was surrounded on all sides by its waving, sleek and shining green tentacles. She could only watch in a shocked daze as they reached for her.

Half a dozen tentacles swayed then curled over her and began to caress and explore her helpless body. Akiha moaned feebly as she felt them slither over her breasts. She seemed to feel them everywhere at once, caressing her thighs, probing her pussy, pulling inquisitively at her clothes. Her body jerked and spasmed weakly as she was subjected to the creature’s intimate, unhurried examination of her defenceless body. Her flesh soon became coated with the oil it exuded and the rubbery, exploring tentacles moved slickly and smoothly over her skin.

Her clothes were soon saturated. Her blouse clung wet and heavy to her heaving breasts. The soft, probing tip of a tentacle explored her face. She felt another tugging at her panties. Her blouse was pulled open with a wet ripping noise.

“No, please, no more,” Akiha whispered, but she was helpless to resist as her panties were torn away.

She watched with horrified fascination as the tip of a tentacle slipped beneath her bra. The tentacle flexed and the bra stretched and suddenly the fastenings gave and her bra was gone, her large naked breasts exposed.

Akiha hung suspended, slumped and vulnerable, her glistening body open to the intrusive probing caresses of the creature’s numerous tentacles. She moaned and turned her head aside as the tip of a tentacle tried to slip between her lips. She could feel her oil-slick body caressed and explored in a dozen places at once. The disc-like suckers beneath the tentacles kissed her heated skin. She felt them attach then pull at her distended nipples. Several tentacles writhed against each other as they competed to explore between her legs and between the cheeks of her ass. Akiha felt a tentacle coil loosely around her neck. She was powerless to turn her head aside as the tip moved lightly over her lips.

She struggled weakly, her naked oil-drenched body glistening wetly in the shafts of sunlight that fell at angles through the roof. At times her body was almost entirely hidden by the coils of curling, writhing tentacles that slipped and slithered over her. Soft, pensive moans escaped her lips. She was helpless in the creature’s sinuous coils.


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