Akiha and the Tentacle Monster – Story – Part 2

The tentacles felt warm against her naked skin. They moved all around her, surrounding her on all sides, flexing powerfully but touching her tenderly. Cradling her. Slithering, teasing, caressing and possessing her. Every nerve ending in her body was alive and tingling. The shreds of her ruined blouse hung from her shoulders. Her skirt was a sopping scrap about her hips. Her breasts were explored, squeezed and fondled. Her nipples raised to aching fullness. Her body had begun to burn with a feverish, unspeakable longing.

Akiha found herself looking up dazedly at the warped ceiling of the boathouse through a shifting tangle of swollen, probing tentacles. The curling tentacles glistened where the sun touched them. They were never still. Her dishevelled hair hung damp with perspiration about her flushed and shining face. Through a narrow gap in the roof she saw a glimpse of blue sky, it meant nothing to her, she couldn’t relate to it. In a moment it was hidden as the tentacles writhed about her. Her hips began to thrust and her body writhed lasciviously, beyond her control, in response to a new, teasing, stimulating caress between her legs.

Looking down her body she glimpsed through the coils that twined over her the narrow supple tip of a finger thin tentacle probing gently and deliberately between her spread thighs. It curled closer and again and again she felt its intimate, knowing caress. With every delicate touch it triggered an urgent, hungry thrust of her hips. She couldn’t fight the way it made her feel. Akiha moaned, her abused body writhed, suspended, imprisoned in the creature’s coils. Beyond the probing tip she saw the creature’s eyes, pale and gloating, shining, intently observing the way she responded to its touch.

The creature’s eyes shone with an animalistic single minded intensity as Akiha’s body succumbed to its sensual caresses. She saw her torn, sodden panties, adhering wetly to one of its tentacles. Its mouth quivered, its thick tongue flicked, then lolled heavily.

Akiha felt a thick tentacle probing deeply between the cheeks of her ass. It slithered, wet and warm, over her oil-soaked flesh. Another thick tentacle rose between her legs. Its fleshy tip opened, shining wetly and dripping copious amounts of clear oil. It was hollow, like a tube, and as she watched Akiha saw something slowly emerging into the light. She frowned as the neck of the tentacle slowly stretched and expanded and began to reveal something thick and dark green that gradually extended into the light.

Akiha’s eyes widened and a long, weak, breathless moan escaped her. She strained ineffectually against the coils that still held her. She writhed helplessly in the creature’s grip as the thick, obscenely swollen head of an enormous bloated sex organ, slipped inexorably from the distended tentacle. It was dark green, almost black. The round, blunt tip glistened, shining, and dripping oil. Its length was ribbed and lined with delicate veins.

“Oh no!” Akiha gasped. “Please no, please don’t…”

She watched with quickly increasing apprehension as the slick and swollen organ moved towards her exposed pussy.

“No, no, noooooooo,” she panted.

She pulled weakly at the tentacles that held her but she was helpless. She writhed her hips to try to avoid the organ but there was nothing she could do. Its oversized bloated head pressed intimately against her wet and swollen pussy lips.

Akiha stiffened. Her mouth opened wide. Her eyes grew bigger. She began to pant.

The warm, slick organ felt huge between her wide spread thighs.

“No, please, too big, too big, too big,” she cried.

The tentacle flexed and she felt the pressure on her pussy increase as the head of the giant organ was forced slowly and smoothly into her opening.

Akiha threw back her head. The sinews showed in her taut neck as the throbbing organ began to push inside her. It filled and stretched her opening, slowly bludgeoning its way deeper inside her. Her hips began to thrust violently and still the organ nosed deeper. She could feel it now inside, filling her, still moving.


Akiha gritted her teeth. She threw her head wildly from side to side. Her entire body convulsed and still the organ slipped deeper into her pussy.

Akiha’s straining body was bathed and glistening with perspiration and the oil exuded from the creature’s tentacles. Her large, firm breasts shone slickly with oil as numerous smaller tentacles writhed and twisted over them, squeezing and caressing. Her nipples were throbbing and stiff. Her thighs were drenched with a mixture of her own free flowing juices and the creature’s oil. The great, throbbing organ was now buried deeply in her pussy. She could feel it there inside her, filling her, stretching her. Her breath came in short, ragged gasps. Then she felt another organ nosing between her ass cheeks.

Her eyelids fluttered. She shook her head weakly. She felt her ass cheeks parted by the swollen head of the organ. It paused, pressing up against her ass hole, and then she shuddered as she felt it stiffen and begin to push and squeeze its way inside.

Akiha arched her back and threw back her head as the second organ penetrated her. Her lips moved soundlessly. Her sweat soaked, attractive face twisted into a pained grimace as she felt the organ slip deeper inside her.

Outside the boathouse the sun was slowly sinking. The light through the dusty window turned red. Shadows began to gather in the corners. Akiha, penetrated and helpless, hung suspended in the creature’s grasp. The setting sun bathed her naked, glistening body with a soft red light. The creature’s great round eyes shone palely as it raised another thick and sinuous tentacle from which a third bloated and dripping sex organ had slowly emerged. Akiha pressed her lips tightly together as the organ nudged insistently at her mouth. A series of low, urgent moans escaped her as she tried to avoid it. Then the tentacle about her throat tightened and she was forced to open her mouth to take a gasp of air.

There was nothing Akiha could do as the third throbbing sex organ slipped into her gaping mouth.

Her lips stretched to accommodate it. It filled her mouth. Her almond eyes opened wide. Muffled, anxious moans escaped her.

Akiha hung transfixed and helpless, gripped firmly by the creature. She couldn’t move. She was penetrated in three places. There was nothing she could do as the organ buried deep inside her stretched pussy began to thrust slowly and deliberately in and out.

Her hips pushed. Her thighs strained. She could feel the enormous organ thrusting stiff and hot inside her pussy. Then the second organ buried deep in her ass hole began to move. Akiha’s entire body convulsed as she felt it began to thrust slowly and rhythmically. Her fists clenched. Every sinew in her body strained as the two organs began to thrust faster. The creature’s oil dripped thickly from her ass hole and her pussy. Finally, the third organ, lodged firmly in her mouth, began to thrust slowly in and out.

Akiha’s body undulated. Her breasts shook and began to sway heavily as the three thrusting organs began to fuck her at the same time. They pushed thickly into her openings, sliding smoothly in the creature’s oil and Akiha’s juices. Akiha’s eyes closed. Her head rolled. Her pussy was filled by the organ plunging deeper and faster inside her. The creature’s oil squeezed from her violated ass hole ran shining down her legs. The organ in her mouth slipped smoothly in and out.

Her body shook and spasmed, pounded relentlessly with increasing force as the creature continued to fuck her. Her abused and swollen, dripping pussy lips, stretched wide around the throbbing organ that plunged slickly between her wide spread thighs. The organ in her ass hole worked deeper, thrusting quickly and energetically in and out. Her ripe young body was held suspended, impaled by three huge and thrusting sexual organs. Slick, wet sounds came from between her legs.

Akiha writhed and squirmed. Her breasts swayed. Her nipples throbbed. The disc-like saucers beneath the creature’s tentacles kissed and tormented her burning skin. She was a bath of perspiration and glistening oil. She was limp and helpless in the creature’s unrelenting grip. Her nostrils were dilated and the organ in her mouth began to plunge faster.

Tentacles flexed and weaved and coiled all around her. The sinking sun cast her writhing, tortured shadow, caught up in the creature’s tentacles, on the wall of the boathouse.

Akiha’s hips spasmed, jerking violently again and again, as her body responded to the multiple penetration of three huge shining sex-organs. Suddenly the organ buried in her mouth swelled and stiffened. She felt a powerful ejaculation and her mouth was filled with the creature’s hot and pumping seed. It spilled from her lips, running thickly over her chin. She swallowed thick and choking tangy mouthfuls. It coated her tongue. The organ spurted again and again. It plunged in and out of her mouth glistening, thick and shining with Akiha’s saliva and the creature’s own dripping seed.

Akiha twisted her head to the side and the organ slipped from her mouth. Strands of saliva and of the creature’s thick, viscous seed hung from her lips and stretched to the still swollen organ. Choking and spluttering she gasped for breath. The organ slipped against her hot cheek, thick and limber and shining and still oozing pale white seed. It left a thick trail across her face and into her hair.

Akiha’s body was rocked and pounded remorselessly as the other two organs continued to thrust stiffly into her. Her breath came faster and faster as she felt the organ in her pussy thicken and swell and begin to spasm.

“No! Oh no, oh no, noooooooo!” she begged desperately. “Please no…”

She struggled against the tentacles that held her. She threw her head frantically from side to side but her hips began to thrust wildly against the organ that was plunging deep into her pussy.


An anxious, rising cry escaped her but there was nothing she could do. Akiha’s hips began to buck furiously. Her thighs strained. The organ in her pussy slowed briefly then exploded spurt after spurt of the creature’s hot seed. She felt it flooding her pussy, burning hot, filling her, oozing out between her legs. The organ was withdrawn but the creature was still ejaculating. Copious amounts of its rich seed continued to be expelled. It spattered powerfully against her thighs. It spurted onto her stomach and over her breasts.

Akiha’s body continued to shake as the third organ thrust with increasing speed in and out of her ass hole. She felt the tentacles around her thighs tighten. Her lower body was raised higher. Her head hung down, almost to the floor of the boathouse. She found herself almost upside down with her back to the creature, suspended before it, her legs held open as the organ thrust in and out of her ass. Her heavy breasts hung down. Her feet pointed at the ceiling. The blood began to rush to her head but all she could feel was the creature’s stiff organ slipping endlessly in and out, plunging smoothly between her ass cheeks. Her hips thrust to meet its slick, oily length. She hung suspended, her abused shaking body coated with the creature’s warm, trickling seed. Breathless, helpless moans escaped Akiha’s lips as the third organ shuddered and swelled and ejaculated deep inside her.

As the sun set over the distant mountains the lake darkened. The air cooled. The trees were swallowed in the dark.

In the boathouse all was still and dark. Akiha lay captive, still cradled in the creature’s tentacles, its seed still oozed from her pussy and dripped thickly down her thighs.

From time to time the creature moved one of its tentacles over her warm, exhausted body. To Akiha it felt as if its huge organs were still inside her. Her whole body was stiff and sore, aching and sticky.

She breathed softly and nearby the creature’s round unblinking eyes shone palely the colour of the full moon. It was watching her.


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