Alien Love Slave – Part 1

Phase 1 – Abduction & Examination

I’d had such a shitty day, I just wanted to go to bed and forget about it. My boyfriend of five years and I had broken up; more accurately, I caught him in my apartment with his prick in the neighbor’s pussy and kicked his ass out. This was at lunchtime, by the way, when I decided to surprise him with a “special” kind of lunch, unaware he had already “eaten.”

After this little escapade, I went back to work only to have the slimy creep I’d been avoiding for weeks decide today was the day he would make his move on me. He smacked my ass, and I punched his face. Of course, my supervisor only saw my retaliation, and I was suspended from work for clocking a co-worker.

On the way home, I splurged on fast food and ice cream, which I quickly felt horribly guilty for doing, so I then decided to eat the rest of the chocolate cake in the container on my kitchen counter when I got home.

It was dark when I arrived home, and the streetlight flickered as I parked my little yellow Chevette on the street. The keys to my apartment were buried in my purse, so I dug around for them by the strobing light. Finally, I found the damn things, got out of the car, and slammed the door.

About ten feet up the sidewalk, the streetlight made a loud crackling noise and sent up a spray of sparks, which made me jump and drop my keys. There was a flash and a loud pop as the streetlamp breathed its last breath of light, and then everything went dark.

I bent over, fumbling around for my lost keys on the ground when a beam of bright, bluish light illuminated the sidewalk. Thinking someone was behind me, I turned around to thank them for shining their flashlight so I could find my keys, only to discover that the light was not behind me but above me.

Confused, I looked up – which is not a smart thing to do – stared directly into the light, and put my hand in front of my face to attempt to see from where the light was coming. One minute, I’m standing on the sidewalk; the next, I’m in a round room with brushed steel walls and a low ceiling. Oh, and I’m naked.

I scrambled to cover my nakedness with my hands, but you know how well that works; you can only cover so much. “Hey, let me out of here!” I yelled, but no one answered. It echoed for a minute then died down. “Where am I?” I asked.

“What do you want?”

A hissing noise sounded in the small circular chamber followed by billowing white smoke that reminded me of the dry ice/warm water combination people use on Halloween to create that creepy fog that rolls through their fake graveyard.

My head started to hurt, and I got dizzy. Ah-ha! I thought to myself as I realized the “smoke” was some kind of sleeping gas. I felt triumphantly smart for a second; then I realized I must not be too brilliant since I was naked and lying on the floor God-knows-where.

I started to feel numb, my limbs felt heavy, and I wondered if I was having a nightmare since my mind was so hazy. I needed to sit down, and then I remembered I was already sitting on the floor. Didn’t I just think that a second ago?

My long blonde hair that reached down to my waist was a mess. A huge mass of it covered my eyes, and I couldn’t quite see what was happening as I lay down on the floor. I tried to raise my hand to brush the hair off my face, but my arm was simply too heavy. I blew a breath from my mouth toward my eyes, but it only came out as a weak “pu-wuh”.

The fog receded from in front of my face, and suddenly, I was being lifted. My muscles were so weak, my head rolled forward as I was dragged from one room to another. Peripherally, I could see gray feet on either side of me, and I wondered if these were the grays people refer to when they talk about aliens.

The feet stopped moving, and I was placed on my back on the floor. I started to get a little feeling back in my limbs, and that tingly, my-foot-fell-asleep sensation coursed through my entire body. It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel so great either.

Bright light was shined into my eyes again, so I couldn’t see the beings touching me, and I only saw shapes. There were only two beings moments ago, but it seemed like there were more now. I had no idea where they came from since there wasn’t even a door in the room a second ago.

They spoke in some weird language that reminded me of the way Charlie Brown’s parents sounded on television: “Wa-waa, wa-waaa” with an occasional pop and click noise in between. It was the strangest form of speech I’d ever heard.

Suddenly, the beings were getting shorter; then I realized that they weren’t shrinking but that the ground was rising – and me along with it. What I thought was that the ground was actually some kind of platform or table, and I was being lifted slowly.

I tried to sit up, but the attempt was feeble considering I still didn’t fully have control of my arms, legs and head. My arms were suddenly moved from my sides and strapped to planks on either side of my body by some kind of blue neon light that reminded me of a force field. I had no idea where the arm extensions came from, but I didn’t like being held down at all, especially with my arms stretched out like I was on a cross.

The very thought of being immobile made me want to panic, but for whatever strange reason, I didn’t. Maybe it was the effect of the drug they gassed me with earlier. “Please let me go,” I begged, but it came out as some kind of weird mumbo-jumbo since my lips refused to work properly.

My ankles were shackled with the same blue light as on my wrists, just before my legs were spread open as more sections of the table separated. My body was now in the shape of a sideways capital “x,” where each hand was closer to one of my feet than my head.

Then, I started to panic. My breathing increased, and I could see my breasts heaving up and down. I pulled at the restraints on my extremities; however, they absolutely would not budge. I knew I was trapped and whatever they wanted to do with me was their prerogative. I was so royally screwed!

Black goo was poured onto my stomach, and my breath caught in terror. What was this fresh hell? What was worse was that it began to freaking move! It was cold as it began to ease upward over my breasts and my nipples, completely coating everything in its wake.

It reminded me of one of those so-called slime toys sold to kids a long time ago – that oozing, viscous, disgusting crap made of guar gum boys would buy to gross out girls – that was what was now making its merry way up my body.

The ooze had no scent, and it looked glossy as it moved. So far, it only seemed to be feeling me out, just touching my skin at its leisure. It was freaky, which messed with my head, but it hadn’t caused any pain.

The repulsive pseudo-liquid was starting to warm up to my body temperature as it covered my breasts completely. It moved up to my underarm, then my arms and fingertips. I was now utterly terrified as it seeped onto my face, up my nose, and toward my mouth. I was sure I was going to die, either from drowning or suffocating from the ooze. I started to hyperventilate as it crept over my lips and slowly slid into my mouth and onto my tongue.

Strangely, it didn’t taste like anything; had I not been scared to death, it might have felt pleasurable as I noticed a slight vibration in the mass of the fluid. It either had some kind of intelligence or was programmed to avoid my airway and brain as it slithered around my mouth and nasal cavity.

It oozed over my eyes, but I could still see, and I didn’t go blind, so that made me happy. I didn’t like the disgusting feeling of it easing into my ears, but again, there was no pain.

The gooey solution left my skin and mouth feeling slightly tingly, a little cool, and almost clean. It reminded me of menthol without the stench. It wasn’t so terrible, really.

The table slowly rotated until I was facing the floor once again, and my body bowed forward from the weight. I could feel the slimy, gelatinous fluid slide over my back and down across the cheeks of my ass.

With the exception of the occasional babbling from the grays, the room was so quiet, my breathing seemed thunderous as the slime continued to ooze down my body. A figure moved next to me, and something touched my ear making me flinch.

My hair was moved back from the side of my face, and a cold object was shoved into my inner ear. It hurt at first, but then the pain went away surprisingly quickly. I realized someone was talking to me and that I could understand them.

“Look at me, human woman,” said the strange voice. I realized I could move my head, and I turned to look at the being standing next to me.

The alien was an exact replica of the description given by ninety-nine percent of people who were abducted: it was short and silver-gray with huge black eyes. Its limbs were gangly, and there was no outward appearance of male or female genitals.

“Good, you can understand me,” it said as it stared at me. “What your brain is calling ‘black slime’ is a cleaning agent. It removed all contagions from your body so none of us become infected with your human viruses or bacteria.

“It will also determine your health. If you are fit, you will continue to the next phase and the next and so on. Few humans make it that far,” he paused. I swear if grays could roll their eyes, this one definitely did so before he continued speaking. “However, regulations state I must inform you of the process.”

With that, he turned away from me and said nothing more. I opened my mouth to ask him a question, but it was at that moment the ‘cleaning agent,’ as he called it, dove into my anus, and I gasped loudly.

I’ve never had anal sex and had never been interested in it either, so when I was suddenly filled from behind, I clenched up tightly – or at least, I tried. Visions of a colonoscopy danced through my mind, taunting me with the pain I’d heard associated with this kind of exam. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth.

The viscous ooze eased up into me, vibrating lightly and touching areas I never knew had nerve endings. It was almost gentle as it pushed itself around inside of me, working diligently.

What surprised me was the way it started to arouse me, especially when part of it was sliding in and the other part began sliding out of me. I was filled with so much pleasure and with constantly amazing sensations that I was unable to emit anything other than “ooohs” and “ahhhs”.

At this point, the table began to rotate again, and I was turned so I was looking at the ceiling. The beings that had previously been standing at a distance came closer and stopped a couple of feet from the table.

The black ooze slowly made its way to my pussy, but instead of being scared, I was intrigued and curious about the way the slimy goo would feel. The black solution expanded over my pelvis and my labia; I felt a strange tingling sensation, different from the previous vibration, but not bad.

The gelatinous liquid moved again, and I was able to lift my head just enough to see that my sex had been removed of all hair – galactic shaving at its best. No pain and no itching – this could make me a very wealthy woman on earth!

It was strange to have my mind go from terrified one minute to planning my fortune in the next, but I didn’t think about it too much. I didn’t know it at the time, but my thoughts were being manipulated by the gray standing next to me. More on that later, though.

After the goo finished removing my pubic hair, it began to hum and vibrate once again. It slid open the folds of my sex and pushed back the hood covering my clit. The vibrating intensified, especially on the sensitive nub, and I immediately decided I was going to smuggle one of these home with me.

My new best friend vibrated and hummed over my pussy, making me writhe on the table. I’d never felt anything quite as amazing as the intensity of this viscous slime teasing my clit.

My back arched with wave after wave of pleasure as the vibrations continued; never too concentrated, never too dull. If I was Goldilocks, the black goo was my porridge – it was juuust right!

Every part of my labia was being stimulated, every fold explored, and it felt fucking amazing. My hands clenched and unclenched as my clit was flicked and somehow suckled, driving my body right to the edge of orgasm.

Sweat appeared between my mountainous breasts and began to run in rivulets to pool in the indent at the base of my neck. My pelvis arched upward, even though I knew it couldn’t actually touch anything but air. In response, the dark solution began to ease into my pussy, mimicking the sensation and solidness of a very large penis.

It shoved into me, and I screamed, “Ohhhh, God!” I didn’t even realize my voice had returned, the sheer fullness making me forget about everything else. The ooze thrust into me and drew out, thrust in and drew out, increasing its tempo as though sensing exactly what my body needed.

Even though I could speak now, I blurted out mindless sounds as the goo fucked in and out of me constantly. The vibration on my clit continued, and the slimy fluid hammered into me, then withdrew, plunged back in, and then retreated, until I screamed my pleasure in one long shout.

The gray who had spoken earlier stepped back immediately when I made my climax known, seemingly surprised at the intense sound I could emit from my lungs. I stopped screaming long enough to suck in a deep breath, then shouted again as the orgasm crashed over me like waves on a beach – again and again and again.

My wrists and ankles strained against their bonds as I writhed and struggled on the table. After what seemed like a thousand minutes, my body finally began to relax, my breathing slowing down and my heart regulating itself.

The slime slowly worked over my legs and between my toes, but I could have cared less. I felt so amazing, I almost didn’t mind having been abducted.

“Let us see the results,” stated the gray standing next to me. He produced some kind of square machine that whistled and chirped as he waved it over the black goo. “It appears you are healthy enough to continue on to Phase 2,” he said, sounding pleased.

For the first time, I noticed the ceiling was emitting a soft glow from the edges, allowing light to permeate the room. What appeared to be a plastic cover, at least to me, ran the expanse of the dome above me.

The light faded slowly only to be replaced by a beam of light so bright, I was momentarily blinded yet again. Purple spots were everywhere I looked, even when I closed my eyes.

The gray motioned to his friends to step forward as he started pointing to different parts of my body. I gathered he was explaining each part to his partners as he poked and prodded my eyes, mouth, teeth and tongue. Whichever body part he discussed, the bright light illuminated, obliterating any remaining shadows as well as my privacy.

“What is Phase 2?” I asked.

The lead gray turned to me and said, “Please remain quiet for the duration of this teaching exercise.”

My first thought was along the lines of what he could shove up his ass, but the thought slipped away easily. Suddenly, I really didn’t want to talk anymore, and I was fine with it.

The professor – the lead gray guy – moved from my ears to my hair then to my throat, arms and hands. It was all quite businesslike, except no one was speaking. I gathered the professor must be communicating with his students mentally or that they had mastered the meaning of gestures.

I’d never had a physical that was as thorough. Each part of my body, minus my privates, was examined, touched, wiggled, and prodded. My bellybutton was quite interesting evidently, and all three students spent time swirling one of its fingers in the indent, tickling me.

I could tell what was coming next when the beam of light moved slightly below my navel and the professor began to press on my ovaries. He showed each student where each one was located and how to find it by palpitating my abdomen. At some point, I knew the rest of my reproductive system was going to be the subject of discussion, but I was only mildly annoyed, the thought fleeting.

The professor reached to cup my breast and jiggle the fullness of it then pinch the nipple making my breath catch in my throat. Each gray took turns playing with my breasts and squeezing my nipples. One took the activity so far as to surround my large orb with both of his long, bony hands. He would gather it up, then drop it, then gather it up again, then drop it, watching it intensely as it settled into place.

He continued to work the flesh of my breast by cupping the outside with one of his palms then gently pushing it from one hand to the other. My breast reminded me of water sloshing back and forth in a bathtub. The gray seemed fascinated by it.

Again, I couldn’t figure out the reason my attitude was so incredibly calm when I should be outraged and pissed that these strange beings were fondling me without permission. I can’t explain it, but I just wasn’t angry at all; it was as though the emotion was almost foreign to my mind.

The lead gray methodically moved down my body, never speaking a word or making a sound, only pointing, touching, and caressing. I knew the discussion would become interesting when they reached my sex, and they didn’t disappoint.

I was moving again as the table was silently raised closer to the ceiling. All three students came to stand between my legs where my pussy was wide open for viewing. As I looked between my outstretched legs, the only part of the students or the professor I could see was the top of the professor’s bald, gray head.

One student stepped forward, and I felt cold, bony fingers touch my sex as the first student opened the lips of my labia widely. Professor gray made a popping and clicking noise, then without warning, he flicked my clit with his finger.

I tried to sit up as I yelled, “Shit!” in surprise at the sudden stimulation. The table was lowered suddenly, and I was panting heavily when professor gray stood over me.

“You will not interrupt,” he said matter-of-factly.

I was about to tell him to go fuck himself, but my speech died in my throat. The only sound I was able to produce now was air. What a bastard! You can’t flick a woman’s clit and expect her to remain quiet, stupid dumbass.

I wondered for a moment if he ‘heard’ my insult because he turned around and stared at me before continuing his lesson.

The table rose higher, and we were back to our previous position. The next student proceeded to flick my clit and so did the next as well as the last. Thankfully, the only sound I could make was an inhaled or exhaled gasp, lest I get into trouble once again.

The professor, who was standing on my left, pulled back the fleshy lips of my sex and began to circle my clit with one finger. It was incredibly arousing as he continued to tease me without actually touching my sensitive spot.

After a few minutes of his attention, I was aching to be pleasured, but I couldn’t say a peep about it; I could only gasp and hope he decided to ease my throbbing clit. Instead, he drew lines from just above my sensitive nub into the folds of my pussy then retraced the path back to the top.

Without stopping, he made a small u-turn around my clit then ran his finger along the crease of my vulva. My legs began to shake as my sexual frustration intensified. It was beyond maddening as he continued his slow pace, leisurely tracing up, over and down, up, over then down, repeating the process endlessly.

The fluid inside of my pussy began to trickle out of me, and I jumped wildly when one of the grays touched the bottom of my opening. I yelled an airy, “Aaaah!” which was thankfully ignored by the professor.

By now, I was nearly in pain, and tears streamed from my eyes down into my hair. All it would take is a few strums of his finger across my clit, and I would have my moment. Sweat broke out across my body, making the surface under my ass, legs and upper back slippery.

The professor turned his head to look at me and nodded. For an unknown reason, I knew he was going to give me what I’d been aching for, my release was coming soon.

While continuing to hold the lips of my pussy open with one hand, he lightly brushed the pad on one finger across my clit. Another soundless, air-filled scream left my mouth as my body arched upward to find more contact with something, anything.

Before I could become too angry, he repeated the action, only this time, he used two fingers and swept them across my sensitive nub in an upward movement, then in a downward movement, but only once.

Again, my body bowed off the table, my clit aching for a continuous touch. Finally, professor gray met my body on the upstroke and continued to rub his fingers against my clit. He increased the pace, furiously strumming the sensitive flesh up and down, up and down.

Each stroke felt so good, and I finally let myself relax into the rhythm of his touch. I watched as he increased the speed of his fingers again; they were moving so fast, it was getting difficult to make out the digits on his hands.

Clearly this alien had an ultra-speed in his fingers human females could only find in a vibrator. After several more lightning strokes, I was climaxing so powerfully, had I been able to use my voice, the gray’s sensitive ears would have been ringing in pain.

Honey gushed out of my pussy, coating my sex and dripping onto the table from the crack of my ass. My nipples had become hardened nubs, and my areolas crinkled with the intense flow of blood.

In the midst of one of my orgasms, the professor instructed one of his students to shove his long fingers into my pussy, making my inner muscles clench in response.

One student in particular was fascinated with my response to his fingers pushing into me. He shoved one finger, then two then three, making me cry out in pleasure. He took over where the professor had left off and began to rub my clit with his other hand.

He massaged my fleshy nub over and over again, causing me to arch off the table and shove myself onto his fingers. I climaxed easily for him, my clit having already been stimulated, and he moved his fingers with me, maximizing my pleasure.

Instead of removing his fingers, he left them inside of me as the muscles of my pussy twitched and danced for him. He moved his fingers one more time, wriggling them back and forth, eliciting a moan from me before turning around to face his fellow students.

After the remaining students had shoved a couple of digits inside of me, their attention shifted from my body’s response to their fingers. They huddled together in a semi-circle between my legs, each studying the wetness my body had produced on each other’s fingers.

Slowly, I came down from my orgasm as my breathing returned to normal and my body began to cool. Pleasure still flowed from the tips of my fingers to my head and to my toes.

My legs and arms began to move involuntarily as the extensions slid back toward the table. Finally, I was allowed a bit of privacy for at least one part of my body, my pussy no longer open and on display.

The professor came to stand next to my head and placed his hands on my temples. He looked into my eyes and commanded, “Sleep restfully, human woman. You will need your rest for Phase 3. We will talk later.”

My mind resisted as questions flooded my mind. What was Phase 3? What were they going to do to me next? Was pain involved? How the hell do I get out of here? Where was here?

“No,” I whispered as my eyelids started to feel heavy. I tried not to close my eyes, but it was no use. Exhaustion from having been sexually teased then experiencing several climaxes had tired me, but the command from the professor to sleep was something my mind could not ignore as I drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


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