Daisy’s Encounter – Alien Sex Story

Taking a mid-morning walk was one of Daisy’s favorite things to do. She was fortunate enough to own a house on the edge of the state-mandated green space and she made it a point to traverse the woodsy trails on her day off. Good exercise and fresh air were a rejuvenating combination.

The day was warm and bathed in yellow sunlight. She enjoyed her breakfast on the deck of her house, listening to news radio on a low volume. The newscasters spoke with restrained excitement in their voices as they told of a UFO sighting in the area. Draining her herbal tea, he rolled her eyes. UFOs were nothing more than figments of people’s fevered imaginations. Given that today was Saturday, the UFOs were probably alcohol or drug-induced from too much partying Friday night.

Daisy reached over and changed the station, enjoying the subtle melodies of the local smooth jazz station while she gazed into the woods. She sat for longer than she should, enjoying the still morning. The melody switched over to a peppier upbeat song and she took that as a sign to get moving. Leaving her breakfast dishes on the table, she shoved her bare feet into her sneakers and hopped down the three steps to the lawn.

Trekking across her wide front lawn under the warmth of the sun made her perspire a bit, even in her t shirt and skirt and she welcomed the quiet, cool dampness of the woods. The lush canopy of tall trees kept the sun out and as she walked, she wished she’d brought a light sweater. A cooling breeze drifted through the branches, stiffening her braless nipples under her snug tee, making them scrape and strain against the rough cotton fabric. For a second, she thought about going back, but decided to simply make the walk a little shorter than usual.

The birds twittered overhead, hidden in the leafy branches. Her sneakers scuffed the damp earth and moss, tickling her nose with the not unpleasant odor of freshly turned dirt. Squirrels scurried across her path, going about their daily business of doing whatever squirrels did. She even spotted a chipmunk, its striped back disappearing under the rotted hulk of a log as she passed by.

Daisy walked for a while, enjoying the sights and sound of the forest until a familiar smell tickled her nose. Familiar, but not one that one would expect to smell in the woods.

It was a rich vanilla scent, much like the aroma of a baking sugar cookie, a smell so sweet and so mouth-watering that she was drawn to follow, stumbling off the trail to find the plant that gave off such a delicious smell. She followed her nose to the smell noting it was stronger as she neared a small copse of trees.

As she got closer, she noted that not only did the smell become stronger, more cloying, but that some of the trees were smashed and broken down, as if something had landed on them from above.

Probably a storm knocked them out, she thought. She stepped into the small circle, expecting to see a grouping of lovely flowers.

“Ugh, mushrooms,” she said aloud. And indeed there was a huge grouping of the strangest looking mushrooms she’d ever seen. She was used to the neat white rounded ones she found at the farmers’ market, or the flat topped Portobellos. But these were peculiarly shaped and seemed to wave slightly in her direction as another forest breeze fluttered her skirt and tickled her bare legs.

Daisy paused for a moment, surveying the area. There seemed to be at least fifty or more of the brownish mushrooms, each with a thick, fleshy stalk and blunt pointed head. Then there were smaller ones in irregular groups around the larger ones. She wrinkled her nose. She wasn’t a fan of mushrooms even if they smelled like sugar cookies.

As she turned to go, a rustling sound caught her attention and she turned, expecting to see a deer or some other woodland creature scampering across the clearing. But there was nothing. In fact, the whole area seemed still. She could no longer hear any birds and the sun had gone behind a cloud.

Again, a cool breeze drifted by, and the vanilla scent caught her nose. At the same time, her nipples tightened, sending a strong jolt of pleasure to her pussy. She plucked at the front of her shirt, pulling it away from the sensitive nubs. Being a firm C cup, she had gone without a bra many times and had never experienced any sensitivity or issue with her nipples.

The trees rustled around her and the vanilla order became stronger. Only this time it had lost its sweet overtone and had become darker and richer. A wave of dizziness swept over her and she braced herself against one of the tree trunks.

“Not enough breakfast,” she muttered, leaning against the tree for support. One of her nipples brushed against the rough bark and she yelped as another jolt of electric pleasure tweaked her pussy, causing it to clench on itself.

She took deep breaths to stave off her light-headedness, inhaling the musky fragrance deep into her lungs. Twinges of arousal from her nipples against the tree snaked downward toward her pussy, which began to twitch. Her clit ached and Daisy realized she was squeezing her now damp thighs together in an effort to give herself some relief while at the same time, she wondered why she was becoming so turned on.

More deep breaths only served to make her hornier. Leaning against the tree, she stroked and pinched the hard peaks of her nipples through her tee shirt. For a moment she stood there, the lovely vanilla musk fragrance all around her, her fingers pinching and rubbing the sensitive tips. She pressed her sticky thighs together, squeezed them around her throbbing pussy. Realizing what she was doing, her eyes snapped open.

“I need to get out of here,” she said aloud and stepped away from the tree.

She turned in a circle, her mouth forming a tiny O. The trees were so close together now that she couldn’t find a space to squeeze through.

“This can’t be,” she said. “If I got in here, I should be able to get out. Ignoring the fast-paced beating of her heart and the streaks of desire from her over-sensitive nipples, she moved around the circle of trees. “There must be some other space I can squeeze through.” She ran her hands over the tree trunks, hoping she could find a space that her eyes weren’t seeing. Meanwhile, the fragrance had become nearly overwhelming and her pussy juices were inching down her thighs in what seemed like a steady stream. She tried to keep her mind focused on escaping the circle of trees even as her body urged her to slide her fingers into her wet panties and relieve her burning arousal.

On her second time around the circle, her skirt snagged on a low branch. In her effort to pull free, she landed hard on her bottom in a clear space in the grass.

“Oh!” She sucked in a surprised breath. Drowsy now, the blood pulsing in her lower regions, she stared dreamily at nothing. Another movement at her side made her glance down and she slowly moved to her hands and knees, now mesmerized by the strange yet erotic shape of the mushrooms. The mushroom heads swayed invitingly and now she saw that the darkish caps were oozing a honey colored liquid that smelled wonderful. Curious, she touched her tongue to the cap of the mushroom nearest to her. To her surprise, the liquid was sweet, and the mushroom itself was warm and smooth on her lips.

The mushroom twitched against her tongue and seemed to grow bigger, stretching towards her face. A wave of arousal flowed over Daisy that was so strong that her pussy fluttered, spasming on nothing, aching to be filled. She licked at the head of the mushroom again, closing her eyes against the flow of sensation that make her pussy twitch and her clit stand at nearly painful attention. Her pussy juices soaked the crotch of her cotton panties and flowed down the insides of her thighs, making them slick and warm.

Desperate to have the feeling continue and beyond all reasoning Daisy leaned forward and took the mushroom cap in her mouth and sucked. The nectar flowed over her tongue and down her throat. Responding to her stimulation, the mushroom grew bigger until it filled her throat so that she almost couldn’t breathe, nor could she push it from her mouth. She let out a moan, helpless to stop the flowing of the honeyed nectar down her throat. Another stalk nudged its way around her neck, holding her head in place as the mushroom cock fucked her mouth, releasing its nectar at will. The nectar made her body hum with erotic electricity to where she balanced on the edge of orgasm. She wanted to stop this madness, to push the mushroom out of her mouth and be on her way, but the feeling was too good for her to really want it to stop.

Behind her, there was a dull, tearing sound as if roots were being pulled from the earth. There was a tentative touch on her right calf, then her left calf. It must be a snake, she thought and struggled even more to push the fleshy mushroom out of her mouth. As she tried to raise one hand to pull it out of her mouth, a thick vine curled around both wrists, securing her hands to forest floor. Still on her hands and knees, she sucked at the mushroom’s sticky nectar, its huge fleshy head and fat stalk as warm and alive as a real cock.

The touches on her calves continued, soft brushes that turned into firm squeezes as the vines encircled her ankles and calves as they wound their way toward her wet, excited pussy. They tugged her thighs apart slightly, her knees sliding easily on the damp grass. The mushroom stalks were warm and smooth against her hot skin as they continued to twine their way around her legs up to her aroused pussy, which pulsed with every heartbeat. The stalks wound up her thighs, squeezing and caressing the smooth flesh. The rounded head of one stalk nudged her sensitive clit through the soaked cloth of her panties, eliciting a desperate moan around the mushroom stuffed in her mouth. Seemingly pleased with her reaction, it did it again, then settled into an erratic cycle of nudging and flicking at the tense, excited bud that pushed her closer and closer to climax without providing her with the relief an orgasm would bring.

The same brushy touch was on her belly as two mushrooms twisted around her waist to her breasts. They wound around her soft mounds, holding them still as the caps flipped themselves inside out, transforming into mini-suction cups that latched on to her aroused nipples and began a caressing sucking of the aching peaks. Each tug on the sensitive flesh made her writhe in ecstasy, two lovers pleasuring her at the same time.

“Mmmmm,” Daisy closed her eyes at the increased stimulation, unable to think beyond the sensations shooting through her body. She increased her sucking rhythm on the mushroom as the caps teased her taut nipples and clit. The sensation was mind-blowing; every cell of her body was becoming insane with the need to climax.

Her wet panties were ripped off with a quick movement of two of the vines and the cool air drifted across her damp flesh. Between her legs, a fleshy phallus nudged at her entrance. Daisy tried to twist her head to see, but the vine around her neck held her fast. The mushroom pushed even more nectar into her mouth. She swallowed the liquid as fast as she could, each drop making her body more sensitive to the plant’s ministrations. Still, the excess ran down her chin and dripped on the grass.

The phallus between her thighs was now also dripping hot nectar and nudged again at her slick opening. The warm head rubbed against her nether lips, teasing her at first. Daisy made a desperate sound in her throat, rocked her hips in wanton need. If she didn’t get something to fill her soon, she would scream.

Her body jerked with pleasure when the hot phallus pushed its way into her greedy, hot pussy, stretching and expanding her walls until she could hardly contain it all. Once seated within her, it slid back and forth with a thick, leisurely slowness that made her moan with mind-bending pleasure.

Daisy was nearly out of her mind with orgasmic delight. The mushroom caps sucked and pulled at her nipples, a tiny mushroom cap nudged and flicked her clit and the huge mushroom phallus fucked her slowly, rubbing every inch of her walls, while she sucked on the biggest, sweetest cock she had ever tasted.

Already on the edge, it didn’t take long for her to reach an explosive orgasm, her vision going white behind her closed eyes while her body spasmed and shook. She howled around the cock in her mouth, her upper body arching up against the tug of the mushroom nipple caps. The added stimulation sent a second orgasm through her, leaving her shivering and soaked with perspiration.

The strength left her arms and she sagged to the grassy forest floor. A small part of her mind thought it was over, the mushrooms would let her go and she would be able to regain her sanity once again.

But that was not to be. Another vine snaked around her waist, holding in her doggy-style position. As she drifted down from her orgasm, the tendrils around her legs yanked them open even more and she felt a warm dripping of liquid on her tightest entrance. Daisy had never been fucked there before and she shook her head no, mumbled the word in her filled mouth.

An extra squirt of mushroom nectar flowed in her mouth, and the nipple caps pulled and squeezed her flesh. A few extra thrusts in her tight pussy ramped up her arousal again and she gave herself up.

This phallus felt smaller than the first, and stroked her tight rosebud, matching the rhythm of the one in her pussy until she relaxed even more. The delicious friction against her clit increased, driving her to teeter on the edge once again. The small phallus slid in easily then and soon set up a smooth in and out movement that made Daisy’s toes curl inside her sneakers.

Her entire conscience was focused on the phallus fucking her bottom, its gentle push and pull movement stimulating dormant nerves deep within her, nudging her slowly to the very brink of climax. Daisy hovered, her body stiff, savoring the unique sensation.

In unison, the mushrooms buried themselves in her while the nipple caps squeezed the tender flesh. Another racking orgasm shot through her and she screamed in her throat, her back arching involuntarily as the mushrooms fucked her helpless body.

After two more orgasms ripped through her, she was being held only by the mushroom stalks, being too weak to continue to support herself. Her jaw ached from the girth of the mushroom cock in her mouth but she continued to suck weakly, eyes closed, craving the tasty nectar that made her feel warm all over. The mushrooms pumped her tirelessly, as she moaned around the phallus in her mouth.

Daisy lost track of time, her consciousness blurred by the constant stimulation and the hallucinogenic nature of the mushroom nectar. The one in her bottom would slide in till she gasped, then withdraw totally, and stroke the puckered skin with what felt like a wet, hot tongue, rimming the sensitive flesh while the phallus in her vagina swirled, dipped and rubbed her the sensitive bundle of nerves in her pussy. Daisy’s eyelids fluttered as she came yet again, her body limp and loose with the exertion.

Finally the mushrooms withdrew, their caps glistening with their nectar and Daisy’s juices, gently lowering her to the soft grass. She slept.

When she woke it was nearly dark, the sun shining orange as it made it descent toward the horizon.

“My goodness,” Daisy murmured, as she scrambled to her feet. “How did I manage to fall asleep?”

She brushed off the front of her shirt lingering over her pert nipples, which seemed to be a bit more sensitive than usual and looked around the clearing.

“What strange looking mushrooms,” she remarked. “They look like little cocks sticking up from the ground.” She sniffed the wet, dirt smell and wrinkled her nose. “They smell terrible too.”

With that, she turned and left the small clearing of trees, a strange swollen feeling between her legs.

She glanced back over her shoulder, eyeing the mushrooms.

But that couldn’t have happened, could it? And why did her hands and skin smell so much like vanilla?


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