Den of the elder God – Horror Story

Laura awoke to the sound of falling water. She had fallen, fallen so very far, but was thankful that she could still move. The sun had long been set, she had been out for hours, and a storm had come in, slamming torrents of rain over into the rockface, soaking her in turn.

Her walkie-talkie squawked to life. She heard one of her hiking buddies, Johnny, on the other end.

“Hey Laura! If you can hear this, relax! Kim and me will get you first thing in the morning!”

She tried to respond but the thing was broken, on her end at least.

“Just stay put! We’ll be there soon!”

Well that was that. She opted to pass the time, something about the cave spoke to her, calling her to plumb its inscrutable depths. Laura stood up, ignoring the pain from her scraped and bloody knees, she was too tough to give in to that. As she looked around the rain soaked cave, she realized this was no cave.

The stone was too refined, not to mention the strange engravings on the wall, illuminated by silver moonlight. They looked to be scenes of young women having sex with…something. The more Laura looked at the pictures the more numb her mind became, she instinctively looked away.

Something was not right here. The further she went in the cave, the darker it became and so she brought her flashlight to bear, its bright, amber beam cutting a swath through the darkness, illuminating rocks and crumbled statues. Statues with demonic, fanged heads, and broken, squid-like tentacles scattered amongst them.

She stopped once she came upon a craggy, rocky hole, so dark that not even her flashlight could penetrate the shadow. The jagged, bleached white stone surrounding the entrance made the hole look like a monster’s gaping maw, but what made her stop was not the hole, but the skeletons littered around it.

Laura had seen enough horror movies to know that moments like these are when people die, doing something stupid, like going into a dark place littered with the dead. She breathed in deeply, calming herself, before walking back to where she originally fell. She resolved to wait until morning, and await her friend’s rescue.

But something else had different plans. Something inhuman. It had observed her from afar, disappointed that she did not enter the true heart of its domain, but it did not matter, she was close enough. It hungered for her long, toned bronze legs, her athletic breasts and tight bottom, all straining against her soaked outdoors outfit.

The entity was ancient, its temple burned and plundered by the Romans in ages past. For millenia it had waited for this moment, and this human had traipsed too far into its lair. At last it would have a mortal shell, its insatiable lust for her matched only by its insatiable need for vengeance. It was its time to rise once more.

Laura was just about to fall asleep in a curled ball, but then she felt a presence, a chilling breeze that pushed an errant strand of hair away from her face. A cold, fearful sweat broke out across her body as a crawling mass of coils slowly made their descent from above, moving down with eagerness as they ached to bring in their first convert in centuries.

The coils were thick and oily, burgeoning to come loose as they quivered with anticipation, so close to their prey. As they came near her head, they unfurled, strings of slime parting in between the tentacles as they poised for penetration. They gleamed in the twinkling night light, revealing their phallic shape.

Laura let out a scream, cut short as the tendrils nimbly flitted across her head, entangling her in seconds. She felt one of the tentacles cram in to her mouth, causing her to gag momentarily as it pushed deeper down her throat. The tendrils worked her body, slithering over the honey hued spheres of her bottom, rubbing her pert breasts, and gliding over her nub vigorously, bringing her into a feeling of devastating arousal.

She was revolted and excited, loathing how her body was betraying her, as her loins burst aflame in orgasm, her body becoming more rigid as a mind blowing climax rushed through her very cells. She heard a voice enter her mind, far clearer than hers, and though she did not understand it, she felt that she should let this happen, and stop fighting. She moaned at the thought.

The tentacle in her mouth throbbed, making slight thrusting movements down her throat, before shuddering, sending an effusion of fluid into her body, jerking wildly as it poured its load into its host. Laura let out a muffled whimper of pleasure as she felt liquid heat enter her, the venom causing her fists to ball up and her toes to curl under the intense sensation. Finally her vision became cloudy as her mind went blank in pleasure, her fierce personality now docile and ready for reprogramming.

She then felt more tentacles wrapping themselves around her feet, as she was dragged deeper into the cave, to the entrance that she had turned away from. Laura didn’t and couldn’t care anymore, lost in her bliss, she was ready to be taken.

In the darkness of the entity’s domain, she felt its voice again, penetrating her mind so sublimely. There was something so relaxing about it, she felt like letting go, letting it take care of everything.

Her mind could no longer protest, pushing away ideas of struggling and running away, as a larger tentacle slopped on to the ground, beginning its journey up to her eager body. A sense of overwhelming calm came over her, something compelling her to to stay still. She obeyed.

As she lay there, awaiting her sacred penetration, other tentacles went to work, stripping her clothes. Already her t-shirt was sopping wet with goo, her bronzed breasts thinly veiled by a drenched layer of white cloth. She whined in pleasure as the shirt was ripped away, the fabric teasing her erect nipples for a fleeting moment. In the dim light of the cave, beautiful shadows danced across her chest as her breasts heaved in the darkness, craving the touch of her ancient lover.

The other tendrils deftly tore away her shorts and panties, revealing her fertile mound, fully shaven, glistening and engorged, ready for the Old God’s blessing. Her caramel skin was flushed, she felt hot even as the cool tentacles caressed and slithered across her body. Two of which had wrapped themselves around her breasts, squeezing and kneading her flesh slowly and deliberately as she squirmed, her moans resounding through the chamber.

Laura finally felt the main tendril slither up her leg, giving her goosebumps as it broached the outer lips to her slit, teasing and writhing all around her nub. She released a pleasure filled whine as her body instinctively jutted her hips forward, trying to force it in.

She moaned as she felt her arms being pulled back and upwards, as her legs were spread wide open. Her sex gushed like a waterfall, hot with anticipation, aching to be filled by the instrument of her transformation. The tentacle arched back like a scorpion tail, poised to penetrate, before it immediately straightened and stiffened, plunging in without mercy.

Her scream of passion was muffled by the tendril down her throat. Even in her sexual haze, she sensed this would be the end of her, that Laura would cease to exist once the entity was done with her. The thought frightened her dulled mind, but excited her deeply, to know she would be something more, driving her drenched pussy to climax all over the thrusting tentacle.

Her olive toned thighs convulsed as her sex leaked love juices all over the throbbing, meaty tendril. Laura didn’t think it could get better, until two more tentacles pushed into her ears. She immediately felt a tingle in her brain, filling her mind with more thoughts of submission that magnified her orgasm to mind blowing levels, as overwhelming euphoria blasted through her body.

Her golden brown ass cheeks clinched together as her silken pussy contracted, its soft walls desperately milking and sucking the tentacle for more of its length. The tentacle trembled, as a wave of blue light traveled down its shaft directly into Laura’s body.

She felt incredible heat as her body was ravished with molten desire. Her body wriggled helplessly as the energy bore down on her brain, the doorway into her soul. Her eyes glazed over as she felt herself slip into mindlessness, lost in eternity. She laid there in helpless bliss, as the entity worked itself into the most sacred parts of her soul. The sensation was as divine as it was perverse. She didn’t want to feel any wrongness. She wanted to feel this thing crush her will, obliterate her thoughts and fill her with endless pleasure…she wanted to be overwhelmed.

Her wish was granted.

Within she heard an unearthly scream, before she felt her change, her rebirth. She was lost in a roiling storm of euphoria as her soul was reformed, changed into something that wasn’t her.

The delicate, seductive sensations caused her to cry out lustfully, she wanted more of the change, and faster. She was held up in a chair position by the tentacles as she was overtaken, the tendrils straining against her tensing, thrashing body as she was ravaged by orgasm after orgasm.

Her transformation was inescapable, and she yearned to spread it, her skin paling as her breasts blossomed into round, milky globes. Her toned bottom swelled into bubble butt, the creamy hemispheres highlighting her new curves. She jerked and shook in pure pleasure, feeling her voluminous breasts swing with abandon, as blue light poured out of her eyes and mouth.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!”she shrieked, her heart racing and her glowing eyes fluttering as she foamed out of her mouth, drool streaking down her throat, onto her lush breasts as she surrendered to the rapture of this presence emptying out her mind.

For the rest of the night, her body convulsed as she moaned in delirium, remnants of her consciousness fighting to resist the divine. She was overloaded with impossible pleasure as she gripped her breasts, letting out a thick, loud moan as the Old God’s coils sunk deeper into her being. Her mind could not fight anymore, and a contented sigh left her mouth as she finally succumbed to the entity.


Laura awoke to voices and shouts in the early dawn, completely one with her god, her blackened hair now modestly covering her massive breasts. Her eyes had taken on an electric blue hue ever since she was taken by her savior. its name, at least the one she could understand, was Ni-Rokrug, The Chaos That Treads. She understood her new purpose well: spread its will at any cost.

Her friends had found her and she saw a rope thrown down before her. She smiled, realizing her time had come.

As she got up to the top, completely naked, she saw her hiking mates, Johnny and Kim. The two had been a couple for some time, Laura would make sure they would be a couple for all time. Kim had run up with a towel, tears in her eyes, arms ready for a hug, for an emotional reunion. Laura laughed inside, imagining how differently things would play out.

“Oh my god Laura! We were like, so worried for you last night!” she hugged Laura tightly with her towel, covering her up, as tears streamed down her cheeks, before pulling back and looking her in the face. “But, I am so glad you are ok…wow your eyes…I never noticed ho-” she was cut short as Laura crushed her lips against Kims’, both moaning into each other mouths. Kim was surprised at how good it felt, before being outraged that Laura was fondling her breasts like some cheap stripper.

Johnny looked on, laughing and cheering. “THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! Best hiking trip ever! You get her honey!”. His joy soon turned to alarm as Kim began screaming and struggling against Laura’s tight embrace, who had a tight grip on Kim’s head as she wrapped one of her sculpted legs around his girlfriend’s ass. Damn. Now he had to pretend to give a shit.

Kim’s struggle lessened as she felt another voice in her head. Deep, velvety and entirely too seductive. Laura was mouthfucking her with her tongue, keeping her trapped, Kim wasn’t sure if she wanted to be let go, it felt so forbidden and sensual.

“You cannot fight me…you cannot resist…” boomed the voice in Kim’s head. Her feelings of confusion and disgust fell away as a burning arousal grew within her loins. She felt Laura’s soft hands move up her shirt, before sinking into her breasts, her nipples being teased between her fingers. She was resisting Laura’s entrancing advances, but barely, as she let out a husky moan, fighting desperately to keep her free will intact.

It was then that Laura felt heat traveling up her throat, her body stiffened and she sighed as it made its pleasurable passage. Then a flicker of blue light passed between her lips and into Kim’s mouth. She delighted in seeing Kim’s face and body cease its inner struggle, as her pupils instantly became pinpoints. Kim fell backwards onto the grass as if tasered, writhing and moaning as her nervous system was overloaded with orgasmic pleasure.

Laura looked on at her victim, seeing her grip her chest as her breasts expanded, thrashing on the ground in ecstasy. She felt satisfaction for a job well done. Soon Kim would succumb to the allure of giving herself to Ni-Rokrug, but first, she had Johnny to deal with.

Johnny had rushed to his girlfriend’s side when he saw the first signs of trouble, but now he was in a panic, seeing her eyes fluttering as she gasped for air while her crotch was soaking juices into the earth. What was happening?! He looked at Laura and her unnaturally blue eyes, they seemed to almost be glowing. He then lunged up, looking at her angrily as he bunched up his fists.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” he waved an accusatory finger at her, his voice alight with righteous indignation.

Laura tilted her head, and then she felt Ni-Rokrug assume control of her, she moaned, suffering a mini-orgasm from the sensation. “There is no problem Johnathan.” her voice sounded as if two people were speaking at once, only the second voice was not of this world. “The Chaos That Treads is neither good nor evil. It simply is.”

Johnny felt a lump in his throat as she ambled closer to him, her towel just barely concealing the sparkling swell of her large, soft breasts. Her eyes shone bright, hypnotically glowing as Johnny felt his fists slowly lower to his side. Her inky black hair was slick, her sculpted body looking very wet, as if she had climbed out a shower. “Join with us…”

She threw off her towel and pounced on John, driving him into the dirt, scrambling to remove his pants. When he tried to push her off, she pinned both of his hands to the ground, overpowering him easily with her new found strength.

She launched her tongue into his mouth, the two sparring and moaning in excitement as she felt him rapidly hardening against her taut belly. She teased him, grinding herself against his cock as she lessened his willpower, pushing his rational thoughts aside in favor of pure animal lust.

She stayed lip locked to him, groaning as she urged him to give in. It wasn’t hard. Soon she heard his frustrated grunting relax into pleasurable groans. She eased her grip on him, shivering in pleasure as she felt his rough hands grip and squeeze her soft breasts. He had surrendered at last.

Her eyes gleamed dangerously as she angled her hips for his cock, slowly impaling herself, biting her lower lip in pleasure as she did so. She buried it up to his balls, her glowing eyes regarding him lustily as she let out a hungry growl.

He couldn’t wait anymore, he flipped her onto her back, as she giggled in approval, before thrusting away. Johnny held her hands as he pummeled in on his curvy goddess, her loud moans goading him to thrust harder and faster. Her powerful vaginal muscles sucked down greedily on his cock, eager to have all of him inside her.

As her body rocked back and forth his eyes became entranced on her pillowy breasts as they waved and shook like the ocean, and, as if sensing his fascination, Laura pulled his head down to her bosom. He buried his mouth into her fleshy softness, lashing her nipple with his tongue as she moaned. He was in heaven yet felt utterly enslaved, his hips continuing to pound her without his conscious control.

While Johnny was lost in a copulatory delirium, rutting away on her nubile form like an animal in heat, Laura spoke again. This time her voice seemed to be her own. “You will be mine..mmmhh…forever…” she whispered, firmly squeezing his manhood within her sex. She pushed his head once more into her pale heaving breasts, eager for him to suck, moaning as he did so. “More…become one with me… ”

She wrapped her legs around his back, pushing him in as a deep as he could go, before she clenched and squeezed her vaginal muscles, milking his cock with ever faster and harder contractions. Johnny didn’t stand a chance as he released inside her hot, pulsating womb, spewing his seed without end. He shuddered in ecstasy and terror as he felt something more leave him, more than just his sacred fluids, he felt his soul being wrenched from his body.

He muffled sounds of terror within the soft swell of her breasts as he felt her take him for everything he had. She held him in her heavenly cage of soft, warm flesh, constricting her body around him like an anaconda as he came relentlessly into her throbbing depths. She moaned in euphoria as she felt him literally empty his soul and life force into her.

Johnny gasped in shock and pleasure as he could no longer move or struggle. He shivered as an icy feeling radiated from within his body, spreading with each passing moment as he climaxed without end into her luscious body. He felt his very emotions and thoughts suctioned into her grasping sex. He groaned in surprise at how good it felt, to give himself up to something greater than his own being.

He found himself thrusting even harder to hasten his descent into mindlessness, eager to be to be assimilated. His final vision before darkness overcame him was of Kim standing, now very busty, rubbing herself off as she looked on. Her formerly naïve eyes blazed blue, completely possessed by the Old God.

Laura sighed as she felt Johnny empty all of himself inside her. Her body quickly absorbed his soul and she felt renewed as she saw his face screaming through the skin on her stomach, before dissolving him for good. His now gray body lay on her, alive but catatonic, lacking an animus.

Kim crouched down, looking at her former boyfriend with curiosity, her new self not completely recognizing him. “What happens now?” she stated mindlessly, her hand still straying to her crotch as she fended off her eternal lust.

Laura straddled his limp body, her perfect, sweeping ass glistening in the morning sun as she put her hands on his chest. “Now…we increase our flock.” She kissed him intensely, moaning as she felt a familiar pulse of energy travel through her body and into his. His body jerked and twitched as his skin tone restored itself, turning into a healthy complexion as his eyes flared blue, his muscles rippling with new tone as the energy asserted itself.

The new Johnny gasped with fresh life, gripping his chest as new vitality pulsed within his being. He had no memory of his old self, he was a mere shell, an extension of Ni-Rokrug’s will. He smiled at the porcelain, voluptuous goddess on top of him, before standing up. “Thank you.” he mumbled, stumbling as he became used to his body again.

He peered at Kim. He didn’t know her, but instinctively felt he had to have her. She felt the same. The two lovers collided, frenching each other as they reunited in passion. The Old God amused itself by pulling the two together once more, even in their new lives of service.

Laura regarded them approvingly, before looking down the mountain. She was planning. Her new master grew stronger with every new believer added to its ranks. Love juices ran down her thighs as she saw the village at the base of the mountain. All new, potential believers for her lord. There would be no potential about it, they would join and she would claim them all.

Laura looked back on her former friends, her eyes blazing for a moment as she imparted commands on their malleable minds. The two stopped kissing immediately, and immediately set about putting their clothes back on, eager to spread their blessings and embark on their new purpose in life.

All three worked their way down the peak. The mountain had changed them forever, and soon they would return the favor, changing the world forever.


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