Lindsay gets a special Gift – Part 1

I was sitting at my laptop chatting with Lucy, my best friend, as the warm summer sun shone through my bedroom window. I hadn’t been this excited in a long time. College started in 2 weeks and I couldn’t wait. And the best part was, Lucy was going to the same college. Lucy had been my best friend since first grade. We’ve had our ups and downs, just like everyone, but we always worked it out and we always remained friends. We did everything together. We went to school together, we did all our school projects together (if we could choose our own partners), we went jogging together, we shared all our secrets. We did everything together.

“I’m so excited Lucy,” I said, “we are going to have so much fun.”

“Yeah, we are. And it’s so great that we have the same room in our dorm.” Lucy answered.

“Yeah, and…”

“Lindsay! Could you come down please!”

“Sorry Lucy,” I said, “I have to go, my mother needs something.”

“Okay, I’ll text you sometime, bye.”


I shut off my laptop, stood up and walked to my window. I stood there for a moment, enjoying the nice, warm sun and finally went down. My mother was sitting at her desk working for school.

She was probably correcting some tests. As I walked in, my mother looked up.

“Yes mom, what is it?” I asked.

“Could you go to the store and get some bread please, I would do it myself but I have a lot of work here.”

“Sure mom, no problem, I’m just going to put on some other clothes real fast.”

“Thank you dear.”

I walked up the stairs and back into my bedroom. I opened the closet and looked at my clothes. I couldn’t really decide what to wear. I searched for a minute and finally found something. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I took of my pyjamas (it was 11 in the morning) and looked at myself in the mirror.

I had blonde hair that just reached my shoulders and bright blue eyes. My skin was a little pale, I couldn’t help it, even if I’d lay in the sun all day. I never wore any make-up, except for special occasions like a party or something. And I had thin red lips. Overall, I couldn’t really complain about my looks.

When I went to high school I got some attention from a few guys in class, but I never dated one. I’ve never really liked men and as I grew up I realized that I was more interested in girls. In my last year in high school I knew that I was a lesbian. I’ve never told anyone, not my mother and not my sister. I was always afraid of they might think of me. The only one I told was obviously Lucy and as some best friends do, we experimented. Even though she wasn’t a lesbian, she always enjoyed our ‘little experiments’.

As my gaze went down, my eyes fell on my breasts. My B sized breasts had little pink nipples. Lucy always said that I had the perfect breasts. They were round, perky and smooth and she loved them. Oh boy, how she loved to suck and play with them. I couldn’t help but smile when I thought of the way her soft, thick red lips felt on them. As my gaze went further down I saw my flat stomach. I was lucky, no matter how much I ate, I always had a flat stomach.

I looked further down, and my eyes fell on my cleanly shaved pussy. Even though I’m happy as a woman, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a cock, what it would be like to fuck someone with a real dick. I may be a lesbian and don’t like boys, but I’ve always thought that shemales had the best of both worlds. They had both breasts and a cock. They could be fucked (only in the ass of course, which was the only down side) and they could fuck someone. That’s why I was a bit jealous. I even thought about surgery.

But as I said, I was really happy with my body. I let these thoughts drift away and put my clothes on. I started by putting on some silk black panties and a matching bra and continued by putting on a pink skirt and a white sleeveless top. I put on a pair of short white socks, pulled my hair in a ponytail and went back downstairs. I entered the living room and saw my mother still working for school. I put on my sneakers, took my handbag and made my way to the front door.

“I’ll go get that bread.” I said as I was opening the door.

My mom looked up and said: “Thank you dear.”

I smiled at her and closed the door.

The sun felt nice on my skin as I made my way to the store. The store was about 10 minutes from home and there was a beautiful park not far from there. Whenever I had to be somewhere in town, I always went there for a walk, and today was not any different. As I reached the entrance, I felt a cold chill running through my spine as if something bad or weird was about to happen. I stood till for a moment gazing into the park, wondering if I should go in. I chuckled and thought to myself, what’s the worst that can happen. So I shook the bad thoughts off and went further. I was enjoying my walk, looking at the beautiful flowers and hearing the birds whistle when suddenly a white light flashed before me eyes and I lost all feeling in my body. The last thing I remembered was the sound of my body falling to the ground.

The first thing I felt as I regained some feeling in my body was the soft feeling of a bed. The sheets kept me nice and warm and the pillow was so soft that my head almost completely sank in it. I opened my eyes and found myself in a room I had never seen before. I quickly sat up and stared around. The walls were light grey and were decorated with some paintings. I noticed a long mirror on one of the walls. The entire floor was covered with a red rug and the space in front of the bed was empty. I saw some stairs leading towards it and I noticed that the bed area was a little higher than the rest. I looked around, trying to take in wat I saw, and I very quickly came to the conclusion that I was in someone’s bedroom. I was getting scared and nervous, hoping that this was a bad dream.

As I was looking around, I heard a sound. It came from my left side, but I couldn’t see who or what it was because the wall was blocking my sight. The rug made it so that I couldn’t hear any footsteps and I got really scared. I was expecting a rapist, or a big intimidating man, but what I saw took my breath away. My jaw dropped as a beautiful blue alien came from around the corner and made her way to the bed. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I always thought aliens would be big, scary monsters with four mouths and big teeth, or little green things with antennas on their head, but this was way different. This creature was unbelievably beautiful. Her hair, which wasn’t real hair but looked kind of looked like tentacles, but without the suckers, was pulled back and reached the middle of her back. It had the same light blue colour as her skin. Her eyes were slightly bigger than mine and also looked different. She didn’t have an iris or pupil, but both her entire eyes had a light purple colour. Her nose was the same as a human nose and her lips had the same blue colour as her skin. She wore an orange shirt and black pants. I watched her slender figure as she came over and stopped by the bed. She looked at me and suddenly spoke.

“Good morning Lindsay, how are you feeling?”

I was still looking at her, my mouth wide open, not really sure what was happening. How did she know my name? Where am I? Who is she? “Good.” I said with an expression of disbelief on my face.

She studied my face for a few seconds and giggled: “You must have a lot of questions.”

“Is this real?” was the only thing I could ask as my eyes went up and down her body again, exploring her amazing body.

“Yes, this is very much real.” she said.

“Where am I, who are you, what is this?” I said nervously.

“Please, calm down, we are not going to hurt you. You are on our spaceship, we beamed you up while you were walking in that park.”

“What? Why, what’s going on?” I said now even more scared, knowing I was alone in space.

“Please, calm down, we just want to talk.”

I tried to relax, tried to control my breathing.

“I’m… on a spaceship?”

“Yes, in my room to be specific. I am Donza, I am the captain of this spaceship.” she said.


“As I said, we want to talk to you.”

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“About you.” she said.


“Yes, you.”

I was getting nervous again. why would they want to talk to me? I started looking around for a possible escape route.

“Please, please calm down,” she said again, “I… we are not going to hurt you.”

She looked at me and I could see in her eyes she was telling the truth. Her eyes made me feel safe and relax as I sat there, trying to understand what was happening.

She came closer and held out her hand and said: “Please, follow me, let me give you a tour.”

I looked at her again. Everything in my head said this was a bad idea, but my hand was already in hers and she helped me to my feet.

“We are not going to hurt you.” she said as she walked with me to the door.

I was still feeling nervous and scared as we left her room, but, just as her eyes, the feeling of her hand had a surprising relaxing effect. She led me through a maze of hallways and we entered what appeared to be an empty lunchroom. We sat down at one of the tables after she gave me a drink which looked like water, but tasted like lemonade and she briefly told me who she was and where they came from. She was the captain of this ship and they came from a planet called Zeedar which was located in another solar system far away from our planet. Donza and her crew were sent into outer space to study different species in the galaxy. They had already studied hundreds of other planets before they came to earth. They were sent out with a special mission which she didn’t want to reveal just yet. We finished our drinks and she stood up and said: “Come, there is still more to see.”

She led me through the rest of the ship and I met others like her, each and everyone almost as beautiful as her. Just like on our planet, nobody was the same. Some of them had different skin colours (some were green, others were red and so on), they had different hair, a different nose or mouth. None of them were the same. As I met them, I noticed that they were all women. There wasn’t a single man on this ship.

“I noticed there aren’t any men on this ship, why is that?” I asked.

She glanced at me and said: “I’ll explain that later. Come, I want to show you one last thing.”

We walked a little further and stopped at a window with a beautiful view on earth. To see earth from space was breathtaking. I’ve seen it in books and on the internet, but to see it in person is a totally different experience. We stood there a moment in silence, admiring the view. I glanced at Donza and saw here purple eyes staring into space. My eyes followed the curves of her body. Her breasts were about the size of mine, perhaps a little bigger and she had a stunning small, round butt. I couldn’t help but find her very attractive. By then, I wasn’t scared or nervous anymore. But I still didn’t know why I was here. I turned to Donza and said: “You still didn’t tell me the reason why I’m here.”

She looked at me and said: “Let’s go back to my room, I’ll explain everything there.”

She led me back to her room and told me to sit down on the bed. She sat down next to me and started explaining.

“As I said, we were sent into outer space on a mission. We have studied hundreds, millions of organisms, but none were good enough. Until we discovered earth and saw you.”


“Yes, you. We have watched you closely the last few months. We have studied you, we even read your mind and we came to the conclusion that you were perfect.”

“Perfect for what?”

She looked into my eyes and said: “I may have told you a little about or species, but definitely not everything. You asked before why there are no men on this ship. That is because whe don’t need them.”

I didn’t understand. “What do you mean, you don’t need them?”

She took my hand and led it to her pussy. But what I felt was something completely different. My eyes widened as I stared at her crotch.

“You have a cock?”

“Yes, every one of us.”


“Long ago, we had a terrible disease on our planet that infected all the men causing a slow and painfull death. We tried everything, but no medicine worked. We very quickly realized that our species would seize to exist if we didn’t find an answer. So we took some of the healthy men and we started experimenting. We studied their reproductive organs and how they worked. We did a lot of tests and after a long time, finally made an elixer that would save our species.”

“An elixer? What did it do?” I asked.

“It gave us cocks with the ability to reproduce. But we could only give birth to girls. At first we didn’t know why we were only able to reproduce girls, but we found out that it had something to do with the fact that we are all women and that our reproductive organs and our sperm will never be completely identical to that of our men.”

My eyes widened. Hearing this story made me feel sorry for them, for all these women.

“You said you could reproduce, but what about your vaginas,” I asked, if you all had a cock you couldn’t possibly have a vagina, you couldn’t possibly reproduce.”

She nodded. “Yes, in the beginning, we gave the elixer to the women who really wanted it, who were willing to give up being a full woman. As time passed we had the idea of an elixer that would give them both a cock and a pussy. We had already made an elixer that gave us a cock, so making one that made a pussy shouldn’t be hard. We spent months making one. When we completed our first one, I tested it out on myself. I didn’t want to put anyone in danger. The elixer worked. My cock changed back into a pussy. But something happened, something I didn’t expect. I could change my pussy back into a cock, whenever I wanted to. This elixer made this possible. And none of these elixers effected our ovaries, we could still get pregnant. As soon as we knew this, we gave it to all our people.”

“That’s amazing,” I said, “you saved an entire species from extinction.”

“Yes we did, but it took time to get used to living without men. Like on your planet, most of our population is, or was, straight.”

“I can’t imagine what it would be like.” I said.

It was silent for a moment when I suddenly realised something.

“But I still don’t understand what any of this has to do with me.”

“We want to test this elixer on another species, in case their planet suffers the same fate as ours. We have studied hundreds of species and yours resembles most to ours. If we want to, we could make one for another species, but this would require much more time and materials we don’t have. But as for your species, since it resembles so much to ours, we thought we would start with a human. And as I said, we have read your mind, we know you often fantasize about having a cock. How it would be like to fuck someone. We knew you were the perfect person and we want to test it on you.”

I sat there for a moment, trying to take in all this information. “You want me as your test subject?”

She nodded. This was all too much for me. First I was abducted, then I met an insanely hot alien, who had a cock, and now they want me to be their test subject. I thought about it for a while. Even though I love my body, she was right, I really wanted to know how it was, how a real cock felt and if I didn’t like it after all, I could just change it back to my pussy.

With this in my mind, I looked her in the eyes and said: “Yes.”

She laughed and hugged me. “Thank you.”

“When do we start?” I asked. I was already impatient.

“Slow down,” she said, “before you can drink the elixer, we need make some preparations.”

“Okay,” I said, “What preparations?”

“This might sound strange,” she said, “but since the elixer is partially made with sperm from our species, your body must be able to recognize the sperm first and the only way this is possible is if someone had uhm… sex with you. We have to ejaculate both in your mouth and in your pussy.”

My heart skipped a beat when she said that. This beautiful creature wanted to have sex with me? I may have just met her, but I couldn’t resist it.

“I understand.” I said.

“Great.” she said. I saw she was getting nervous. She stood up and said: “I will find someone who…”

I quickly took her hand. “Please, I want it to be you. You are the only one I feel safe with… and you are beautiful.”

She smiled, leaned closer and held her head an inch away from mine. I could feel her hot breath on my lips.

“If you do not like my appearance, I could change it into a human, we have the ability to shapeshift.”

I looked her in the eyes and said: “No, you are perfect.”

She smiled and kissed me. The touch of her lips felt magical. It felt like a dream. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the taste. I felt her warm hands on my face and she gently pushed me down on my back as she kissed me. As we lay there, her on top of me, I could feel her tongue gently pressing against my lips, trying to make its way in my mouth. I slightly opened my mouth and welcomed her tongue. She started massaging mine which caused me to let out a small moan. Her tongue was magic. I kissed Lucy before in our ‘experiments’, but this was way better. We lay there a while, kissing, massaging each others tongues, feeling the warmth of her body against my skin.

I felt her cock getting hard under her pants. She broke our kiss, moved a little so her knees on either side of my hips, and straightened her back. She looked in my eyes, smiled and started taking of her shirt, very slowly. It was just as if she was teasing me. When she took of her shirt, my jaw dropped again. I had a view of the most beautiful breasts. They were smooth, perky and looked incredibly soft. Her nipples were small, and slightly darker than her skin. And before I realised it, my hands were already touching them. They were indeed soft. I played with them, I slowly glided my fingers around her breasts. The warmth of her breasts felt amazing in my hands as I enjoyed the moment and I could tell she enjoyed it as well. Her head was tilted to the back and her mouth was open, letting out small moans and quick breaths. When I touched here nipples for the first time, a louder moan escaped from her and I could feel her shake a little. I couldn’t resist anymore and I started leaning forward to taste them. But she stopped me. She gently pushed me back down and said with a look of what seemed like lust in her eyes and a sort of devilish grin on her face:

“Not yet.”

She leaned back forward and kissed me again. I could feel her hands going down my body as she kissed me. They glided over my breasts, over my belly and stopped at the bottom of my top. I could feel her warm fingers on my sides as she took my top in her hands and slowly took it off. She let it fall to the ground and started kissing my stomach while her hands were caressing my sides. With each kiss I let out a muffled moan. With each kiss, my body shook. With each kiss, I felt my body getting warmer. I put my hands in her hair as she continued kissing, sometimes licking my belly button. I started breathing faster and faster as she made her way up to my breasts. When she reached my bra, she stopped and said with the same devilish grin on her face:

“Let’s get these out of the way.”

She unhooked my bra and I took it off. She now had her head an inch away from by breasts. Her breath made my already hard nipples get even harder. I closed my eyes and felt her soft lips softly kissing my right breast. She didn’t miss one inch as she kissed around my nipple. She teased me by giving no attention to my nipple just yet and repeated the proces on my other breast. If she teased me even further I was sure I was going to explode. Then I felt her soft lips around one of my nipples and I arched my back and let out a loud moan. I let my hands run through her hair again as she gently kissed my nipple, sucked it, nibbled it, moaning as she did it. Her lips drove me crazy.


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