Lindsay gets a special Gift – Part 2

She stopped kissing them and made her way back to my face. We kissed again and I could taste my own nipples on her lips. I felt her breasts resting on mine. As we were kissing, she rolled us over so I was on top of her. She broke the kiss and said:

“Now it’s your turn.”

I smiled and gave her another quick kiss and quickly made my way down to her breasts. I started by kissing around her nipples, teasing her as she teased me, but I couldn’t resist it. Before I knew it I had the amazing taste of her hard nipple in my mouth. I could hear her moan and I could feel her arch her back. She took my head and gently pushed it against her breasts. I answered her cry for help by sucking harder and massaging her other breast with my hand. I could feel her body tremble with each lick. Just as she did, I repeated the proces on her other breast, building up the excitement. As I kissed her nipples I could feel her hard cock pushing against my stomach.

I made my way down until my head was just above her cock. I could see the outlines of her cock through her pants. I glanced at her and she smiled at me. I smiled back and took off her pants. And then I saw it, her fully erect cock. It was about 6 inches long. I stared at, taking in its amazing scent. The smell put a smile on my face. I examined it again. It looked exactly like a human cock, but she didn’t had any pubic hair, probably because she didn’t have hair like us on her head. It looked like an amzing shaved cock. I took it gently in my hand, not trying to hurt her since it’s my first time, and I could feel it throbbing in my hand. She moaned at my touch. I started stroking it, very gently, very slowly. I looked at Donza and I could tell she was enjoying it. She was massaging her own breasts and her head was tilted back a bit and her mouth open, letting out soft moans.

I moved my head closer to her cock and gave it a soft kiss on the head. I could feel it throb a little harder as Donza moaned louder. The taste of her precum was amazing, it tasted both salty and weet and it made me crave for more. I moved my head closer again, but instead of giving it a kiss, I took the head of her cock in my mouth. I could hear her moan louder again. I didn’t start moving my head just yet. Instead, I kept my head where it was and started massaging the head of her cock with my tongue. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it. I was about to start moving my head when she stopped me and said:

“Wait, let me make it easier for you.”

I let go of her cock, and she moved herself so she sat up straight on the edge of the bed. She opened her legs and smiled at me. I understood what she meant and sat down on my knees in front of her and took her cock in my mouth again. I started moving my head up and down her shaft. It was difficult, but I managed to get her entire cock in my mouth. I held my head at the base of her cock for a while so my throat could get used to it a bit. I could hear her moan even louder. After a brief moment it pulled my head back until the head of her cock was the only thing left in my mouth. I massaged it again and made my way back down, again ad again. After a while I left the massaging behind and focused on sucking harder. The taste and smell of her cock made me crazy. I could hear her moan faster with each move of my head. I started gliding my hands across her thighs, making their way up to her balls as I sucked harder. Donza was now screaming in pleasure as I was sucking her and playing with her balls., she took my head in her hands and I felt her push my head further down. She wanted me to suck harder and faster and I was very eager to do so. I could feel her cock throb harder every time my lips reached the base of her cock. I could hear her moan and pant. I could feel her sweat and shake.

“Ah, I’m gonna cum!” she yelled.

Hearing this made me suck as fast and hard as I could, I craved her cum, I wanted it, I couldn’t wait any longer. I could hear her scream and I felt her cock throbbing like never before and she gripped my head harder as the first wave of cum splashed against the back of my throat. She was shaking as she shot more cum into my mouth. My mouth was almost full when she finally stopped. Her cock was still throbbing and before I swallowed, I made sure I had all the cum. I sucked every bit of cum out of her cock and finally let it out of my mouth. The taste was amazing. I saw Donza lying back on the bed, panting, cathing her breath. I made my way on top of her and kissed her again.

“That was amazing.” I said.

She smiled and said: “Thank you, but we’re not done yet.”

I could feel her already hard cock against my stomach again. I knew what she meant and smiled back at her. I stood up, quickly took of my skirt and my soaking wet panties and lay back on top of her.

“I’m ready.” I said.

“Have you done this before?”

“Yes,” I said, “my friend has used a strap-on on me before.”

“Good.” she said. I leaned closer and kissed her again. I took her cock as we kissed and aimed it against my pussy. I paused a moment and slowly moved my hips down. I moaned as I felt her throbbing cock slowly entering me. This real cock felt so much better than the strap-on. I moved my hips slowly further down until I felt the base of her cock against my lips. I held it there for a moment, both getting used to it and enjoying it. Donza lay there with her eyes closed and mouth open as I held it there. When my body was more or less used to the feeling of her hot cock, I started moving my hips slowly back up, massaging her shaft with my pussy. I stopped when, just like my blowjob, the head of her cock was the only thing still in me. I moved my hips down again, a little faster this time and let out a moan as I reached the base of her cock again. I could feel Donza’s hands, who had already made their way to my thighs, groping them as I came down. I started moving my hips faster now, feeling every inch of her cock leaving me and entering me again and again. Wich each movement we moaned. I kissed her, slipping my toungue in her mouth.

The pace of my movements quickend and so did our moaning, our panting, our kissing. As I felt her cock throbbing, I could feel an orgasm coming. The way her cock massaged my body was amazing. With each passing second, the orgasm came closer. She started thrusting as well to penetrate as deep as she could. She was now deeper than before as I screamed out in pleasure. I moved my hips down on her cock as hard as I could as she thrusted as hard as she could as well, and this pushed me over the edge. I screamed and moaned her name in pleasure as I felt shocks of pleasure shooting through my body. I grabbed hold of her because I felt like I was passing out. I could feel my juices pouring down on her cock as I continued to ride her.

She rolled us over to the point where she was on top again. I held my arms around her neck and wrapped my legs around her and felt her thrusting inside me harder and faster. Her cock now throbbing even more. With each of her thrusts we moaned. We kissed again, she massaged my tongue as I massaged hers. She moved us again to the point where she was sitting on the bed and I was still keeping my hands around her neck and legs wrapped around her, but now I was more or less sitting on her cock as well. We continued kissed as she thrusted into me. Both moaning, sweating, screaming in pleasure. We stopped kissing and leaned against each other. She thrusted even harder. I started moving again. I wanted to feel her cock as deep inside of me as I could. With each thrust, I felt her balls against my skin as I reached the base of her cock over and over gain.

“Ah, Lindsay, I’m gonna cum again!”

“Me too!”

After three more thrusts I felt her cock throb even harder than before and felt waves of cum shooting in my insides. At the same moment I came again. My body shook even more than before as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body. We both screamed in pleasure, yelling each others names, holding each other tightly while these amazing feelings came over us. Her cock kept filling my insides as my pussy poured out more and more juice on her shaft. I fell back on the bed with her on top of me, her cock still inside me. We were sweating, panting, enjoying the best feeling ever as I felt the last drups of cum pouring out of her cock, inside me. We kissed again, moaning even more as she held her cock inside me. She thrusted a few more times, making sure I took up every bit of cum before she slid out of me. She fell down next to me, both still sweating and panting.

After we regained control of our breathing, We hugged each other, gave one last kiss and both fell asleep.

When I woke up, Donza was still sleeping. I closed my eyes an thought back about last night. I still couldn’t believe what had happened. I met an alien race, found out they had a special elixer and had sex with one of them, all in one day. But I didn’t regret anything. I moved closer to Donza and hugged her a bit harder. A few minutes later, Donza woke up. She let out a moan and I could feel her grabbing me tightly. She looked at me, gave me a kiss and smiled.

“Good morning.” she said.

“If I could lay my eyes on such a beauty every time I woke up, then every morning would be a good one.” I said.

She smiled and I could swear I saw her blush. We said nothing for a moment, we just lay there, enjoying each others company until I broke the silence.

“I have a few questions about this elixer.” I said.

“What questions?”

“If this elixer works on me, will I be able to impregnate a woman?”

“We will try. You can’t drink the exact same elixer as we do. Even though it’ll need our sperm, we’ll still have to take your blood and run some tests and make one that works for humans and we hope that it will let you impregnate someone.”

“So to put in in a simple way, I will be able to impregnate somebody and get pregnant as well?”

“Yes, but only girls,” she said, “if it works.”

“And if I drank both elixers, how do I change from having a cock, to having a pussy?”

“With your mind. I know, it sounds strange, we don’t know how it’s possible, but that is how you do it.”

This is going to be amazing I thought to myself staring at the ceiling. This is going to be what I’ve always dreamt of.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “I’m positive that this experiment will take at least a few weeks, and since I’m gone for a day already, my mother and friends are probably looking for me.”

“That won’t be a problem,” she said, “we can send you back to earth whenever we like, an it’ll be as if you were never gone. You’ll be back on the same day you left.”

This sounded strange, but I accepted it. If they can make a special elixer, I’m sure they can make some sort of time travel machine. I gave a kiss on her forehead and asked where I could wash myself. She showed me the bathroom. They had a shower, a sink and a toilet just like us. I stepped in the shower and let the warm water fall on my skin. I stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of the hot water before I washed myself. I showered for another five minutes, stepped out, dried myself off and went back to the room.

Donza was sitting at a round table eating her breakfast. It amazed me how similar they were to us (in certain ways).

“Come, have some breakfast, you have a long day ahead of you.” she said smiling.

I sat next to her at the table and she gave me a bowl and some cereal. I looked at her and asked:

“Do you eat cereal too?”

“No,” she said while laughing, “but we studied your people and what they eat so we made sure we had food like on your planet for you.”

“Thank you.” I said and I started eating. It tasted almost identical to my cereal back home, but it had a special taste that made it slightly better. While I was eating, Donza went to the bathroom to wash herself and by the time she got back, I had already finished my cereal.

“Ah, your done,” she said as she entered the room, “good, let’s go. We have a lot of work to do.”

She held out her hand and I took it. She led me through the spaceship again until we reached the medical lab. When we entered I felt like I was in a hospital room. There were a lot of machines and tubes and a bed with white sheets. Seeing this made me kind of nervous, but Donza calmed me down and said everything was going to be all right. We waited there for a few minutes until the doctors finally arrived. One of the docors made her way to us while the others were preparing everything.

“So, you must be Lindsay.” she said. I nodded.

“I’m Vozaada,” she continued, “it’s great that we finally found somebody to test this on.” She said.

She looked at me and saw that I was nervous, but she said that there was nothing to worry about. Everything was completely safe. She told me everything they were going to do. They were going to take some blood, make me do some tests and they had to look at my ovaries and vagina which meant they had to cut me open. I got nervous again when she told me this, but she said everything was safe, that they had the most advanced technology and that I wouldn’t be able to see any scars from the operation.

I was still a little nervous when they began taking some of my blood. After that, I had to take phsyical and mental tests. These tests were finished by noon and we paused to eat. When we got back I was instructed to lay on the bed. They were going to give me an anestethic and cut me open. I got scared again, but luckily Donza was there to comfort me. They gave me the anestethic and the last thing I felt were a pair of warm lips on mine.

It was already morning when I woke up in Donza’s bed. Apparently they brought me back to her room after the surgery. When I stood up, I felt a bit of pain in my belly. I pulled up my pyjama top (they had also put some pyajama’s on apparently) and checked my belly. The doctor was right, I couldn’t find a single scar, or any other indication of their operation. I smiled and made my way to the table. Just when I was about to sit down, Donza came out the bathroom. She saw me, made her way towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck.

“How are you feeling, Lindsay?” she said.

“Not to bad really,” I said, “I felt a little pain when I got out of bed, but it’s almost gone now.”

She smiled and kissed my forehead. I could see from her reaction that she was relieved to hear that. She sat me down and demanded me to eat something. She said I had to keep up my strength after the surgery. She sat next to me as I ate, and I could feel her eyes watching over me, protecting me in case something bad happend. I was glad that she was there for me. I was still eating when I heard the door open. It was Vozaada. She walked over to the table and sat on the other end. She looked at us and smiled before she began talking.

“How are you feeling, Lindsay?”

“Good. I’m glad I don’t have any scars, just like you said.”

She smiled for a second and continued. “I came back with the results of your tests and we have good news. We will be able to make an elixer that will give you a cock.”

My eyes widened and a big smile appeared on my face. “Really? That’s great. Amazing. Thank you.” I had never been this excited before. I looked over at Donza, and I could see she was enjoying the news as well. She took my hand in hers, gave me a kiss and said: “Congratulations.”

“It will take a couple of days, if not weeks before the elixer is complete, and we will probably need some more blood.” Vozaada said.

“No problem,” I said as happy as I could, “take whatever you need.”

“Thank you Lindsay. I will leave then, let you have some rest. Goodbye.” She nodded one last time and then walked out the room.

I looked and Donza and immediately gave her a big hug. “Thank you for giving me this chance.” I heard her laugh and felt her hands on my head as she stroke my hair.

“You should rest now.” she said. But I couldn’t. I was too happy. My dream was about to come true. The next few days felt like forever, but it gave me a chance to get to know Donza better. Whenever she had time to spare, we would sit in either her room or the lunch room, talking, getting to know each other.

“I was the first woman who drank the elixer, I was the first one with a cock.” she said one evening as we lay in bed together.

“It must have been strange to have something extra attached to your body.”

“At first yes, it took time to get used to it, but when I finally did, I loved it. I even preferred it.”

I could see in her eyes how happy she was when she talked about her cock. She told me she was never fully happy as a woman. Of course, she liked being fucked in her pussy from time to time, but she always went back to her cock. The more I began to know her, the more I saw myself in her. The way she wanted her own dick. How she was already a lesbian when their men still existed. Each second I spent with her was amazing. I could get lost in her purple eyes time and time again. She made me laugh, she made me feel happy, comfortable. I never thought I would say this, but I’m in love with an alien.

I spent every night in her bed. Too bad I wasn’t allowed to fuck because of the surgery, otherwise I would have gladly felt her cock inside me every night. I could just suck her again, taste her incredible cum again, but I wanted to wait until we could fuck again. It took all my willpower, but it worked. Instead we just talked. We got to know each other, we told stories about our planets, we made jokes, we laughed and we shared our secrets. I fell asleep in her arms every night, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I would just crawl back into them and fall asleep again. I wanted to feel her skin, hear her voice, look into those beautiful eyes every second of every day.

I met some of the others on the ship and made some friends. And from time to time one of the doctors, mostly Vozaada, came and took some more blood, or asked some more questions. She always ensured me that everything was going well, that they had encounterd no problems while making the elixer. It took another few days before it was completed.

When Vozaada finally came one morning as we were eating breakfast, with a message that the elixer was ready, I just ran over to her and gave her a big hug and said thank you over and over again. Donza and I finished breakfast as quickly as we could and made our way to the medical lab. All the doctors were already there when we arrived. One of them had the elixer in her hands and I couldn’t keep my eyes of it. They instructed me to get naked so that they could see if everything went well.

I did as I was asked and got naked, which I still found a little embarrassing even after all those tests, and stood at the footend of the bed. One of the doctors held the elixer in front of my face and asked: “Are you ready?”

I quickly nodded and took the elixer. I opened the tube and took in the scent. It smelled like a bit like Donza’s sperm. This scent only made it harder to resist. I glanced at Donza and saw her smile. I smiled back and drank the elixer. I had barely swallowed it before I felt a weird tingling sensation in my pussy. The first two seconds were pain, but this feeling quickly changed into pure pleasure. I couldn’t help but moan as I felt my pussy disapearing and felt a cock and balls grow. I cluthed the bedsheets with my eyes closed and my mouth open as the pleasure in my body rose. It felt like I was having an orgasm on the spot. This amazing feeling in reality lasted for about a 30 seconds, but for me, it felt like ages.

When the feeling finally disappeared I was able to open my eyes and behold my new cock. Right now it looked like it was about 2 inches long, but I couldn’t wait to see how big it was when it was fully erect. Before I knew what was happening, one of the doctors was touching it. She looked at it from a few different angles, touched my shaft, my head and my balls. I couldn’t help but get a bit aroused from her fingers. After a minute or so she stopped and nodded to her colleagues.


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