Lindsay gets a special Gift – Part 3

“Congratulations,” one of them said, “you now have a cock.”

I couldn’t describe what I felt when I heard that sentence. I had never been this happy. I just hugged everyone in the room and said thank you to all of them.

“You will have to keep your cock at least until tomorrow morning so your body can get used to it before you change it back.” one of the doctors said. “And we’ll have to do some tests to see if you will be able to impregnate another human, but we’ll do that later.”


I put my clothes back on and went with Donza back to her room. I enjoyed how it slid against my panties as I walked. From this moment on, I could live both like a man and a woman. I could fuck like a man or a woman. I spent almost the entire day looking at my cock, inspecting it, touching it. I made myself erect, just to see how big it was going to be. Just like Donza’s it was about 6 inches. I even took a piss standing up for the first time ever. I couldn’t stop talking about it, and Donza was almost as excited as I was.

“You’re very excited about your new cock, aren’t you.” she said when we lay naked in bed that evening.

“Yeah I am, this is going to be amazing.”

I felt Donza turning to her side. I looked at her and she said with a smile: “You know, we still need to test it.” I immediately knew what she meant, nodded and kissed her. After a while she broke the kiss and said: “Let me just change my cock back to a pussy.”

“No,” I quickly said. “I want you like this.”


“Yes, you said yourself you felt more complete with it, more like yourself. I want you to be who you really want to be. I want you like this.”

She smiled and had trouble holding back her tears. “Thank you,” she said, “but… I’ve never done it like this.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll be gentle.”

She smiled, rolled on top of me and kissed me. I melted as I felt her warm lips against mine. My hands were already gliding over her back, caressing it as I felt her tongue gently pushing against my lips. I willingly opened my mouth and let her soft tongue touch mine. I slid mine into her mouth as well and we started massaging each others tongues. I could feel her breasts resting upon mine as we were moaning, exchanging saliva. My hands made their way down across her back to her butt, grabbing both cheecks in pleasure as I felt her hands on my cheeks.

I could feel her nipples getting hard against my breasts as we continued enjoying the touch of each others tongues and lips. I pinched her butt cheeks wich resulted in her moaning loudly. I could feel my brand now cock getting hard. She broke the kiss and made her way down to my breasts. She hovered her head an inch away from my nipples as her hands were gently groping my breasts, massaging them. I arched my back a little, pushing my, now hard, nipples against her warm lips. She gladly opened her mouth, letting them slide in between her teeth. She nibbled it, she licked it. Every touch of her tongue made me tremble, made me moan. I couldn’t help but put my hands in her tentacle-like hair and stroke it as she teased my nipples.

I could feel her hard cock pushing against mine. I could tell she felt it as well because she quickly left my breasts and made her way down even further. My breasts felt abandoned and I quickly replaced her soft lips with my hands. I could feel her tonge gliding from just below my breasts, over my belly button to just above the base of my cock and back again. I could feel her teasing me again and again. I craved her lips around my cock, but she wouldn’t give it to me just yet. She wanted to tease me more.

She stopped licking my belly and started kissing my inner thighs as her hands caressed the outsides. I trembled even more with each kiss. She very slowly made her way up one thigh to my cock and stopped just before she reached my balls. I could see her take in the scent of my cock. “You smell delightfull.” she said before she started kissing my other thigh. I couldn’t take it anymore, my cock was about to blow. She stopped again just before she reached my balls and waited for a moment. She smiled as she took in the scent of my cock again. She looked at me and I could see the craving, the lust in her purple eyes, the way she licked her lips as her head moved slowly closer to my cock.

I almost came when she first kissed the head of my cock. I let out a load moan as she kissed it again. She didn’t take it in yet, she first kissed up and down my shaft while she massaged my balls. I could feel my cock twitch whenever her soft lips touched it. She gave it one last lick from bottom to top before she put her lips around the head. I lifted my head back as I felt her lips slowly going down my shaft. I could feel her nose against my stomach and I knew she had taken my whole cock in her mouth. She held it there a while as I enjoyed the moment. Then I felt her lips going back up to my head, my cock almost leaving her mouth, before she went back down again.

I could hear the noise she made through my increasing moanes as she sucked my cock. With every movement, she increased her speed and I could feel the cum building up. I could tell she felt it too because she stopped and made her way back to my face. She kissed me again and I could taste my own precum mixed with her saliva. Tasting my own new cum drove me crazy and I moaned as her tongue massaged mine. She broke our kiss again and turned around so that her cock was hovering an inch above my face. I could smell the delicious scent and craved the taste of her cock again. She teased my by letting it dangle there, just out of reach.

“Please,” I begged, “I need it.” This was all she needed and I very happily opened my mouth to welcome her sweet taste. She pushed her cock all the way down my throat and pulled it back up until it was out of my mouth. Then she proceeded by doing it again. After a while she increased her thrusting speed and I lay there moaning, enjoying every taste, every single inch of her cock as she face fucked me. I felt her balls slap against my nose every time she thrusted into my throat. As she face fucked me I felt the comforting feeling of her soft lips around my cock again.

With her concentrating on sucking my dick, she stopped thrusting into me and I gladly helped her by sucking her dick. I placed my hands on her butt and pushed her down to take all of her cock in my mouth. This resulted in a muffled moan as she still had her lips around my cock. She increased this sensation by both sucking and stroking my dick. She moved her hand up and down my shaft the same way her mouth did. I continued by swirling my tongue around her head, causing her cock to twitch every second and I could feel her thrusting her cock in my mouth again.

“I’m gonna cum.” she said. “Me too.” It didn’t take long before both of us shot our warm, hot cum into each others mouth. I felt her cock throb with every wave of cum the same way mine did as I shot my fist load. I had never felt a sensation like this before. My eyes rolled back in pleaure as I shot every wave of cum into her mouth. After we stopped cumming, we continued sucking each others dick to get all of the cum before she moved back to me and kissed me again, my cum still in her mouth.

We mixed each others cum as we lay there. We each took a mouthfull of our combined sperm and swallowed it. The taste of both her and my cum was indescribable. Her cum alone tasted like heaven on earth, but this was ten times better. We kissed again for a few minutes and it didn’t take long before we were both raging hard again. I rolled her on her back and made my way down to her cock. I gave it a quik kiss as I passed it, because I had something else in mind. I put a pillow underneath her butt so it would be lifted a bit more and I spread her legs. I now had a clear view on her ass. I moved my head closer and took in the smell. The smell was just as good as her cock. I let my tongue run through her asscrack from top to bottom and back again. I could feel her shake when my toungue touched her hole.

I put my index finger in my mouth and made it as wet as possible. I gently glided over her hole, trying to make it as wet as possible. I slowly inserted my finger and pushed until it was all the way in. I heard Donza moan a bit and I let my finger rest there, letting here get used to it. After a while I started moving it in and out and around. I could hear her moan and I knew she loved it. I pulled it out and put both my index finger and middle finger in my mouth. I could taste her ass as I made my fingers wet and I couldn’t help but moan as I tasted her. I now inserted both fingers at once, but again slowly, letting her get used to the feeling. Her moans let me know that I could move again. Again I moved them in and out and around. I occasionally widened them so her ass would widen as well. Each second she moaned louder. I knew this was about enough and pulled my fingers out.

I first made my way back up, kissed her again and said: “I love you.” She looked me in the eyes and replied: “I love you too.”

I moved my head back to her ass and licked the outside again. I gently pushed my tongue in her hole as deep as I could and I felt her tremble and moan as it went deeper. She continued moaning as my tongue moved from left to right, down and up inside her incredible ass. After a while I stopped and said: “I think it’s wet enough, if it hurts, please say it.”

She stared in my eyes and said: “Thank you.”

I spat as much as I could on my cock and smeared my saliva over it. I took Donza’s legs, put her over my shoulders and positioned myself holding my cock against her ass. I looked at her and she nodded. I slowly pushed my head in, feeling the pressure. She had a slight expression of pain on her face and I stopped immediately to let her get used to it.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, just be gentle.”

I smiled and gently pushed my cock further in her ass. She still had a slight expression of pain on her face, but it was compensated with a small moan when my cock was fully penetrated. I held it there again, waiting.

“I’ll move now.” I said.

She nodded and I slowly pulled back my cock until only the head was still in. The pain in her face was almost gone and I gently pushed my cock back in until I could go no further. I could hear a soft moan escaping out of Donza. I looked at her an I saw that she was beginning to enjoy it already. I pulled back again, still slowly and pushed back in. Another moan. After a few slow thrusts she got used to the feeling and I started thrusting a bit faster. Her tight ass massaged my cock as it went in and out again and again. Each thrust made Donza moan louder. I pushed harder now as far as I could go. “Ah, yes, this is amazing.” she said.

“Your… ass… is… amazing.” I said as I continued to thrust in and out of her. I leaned down and kissed her and I could feel her body shaking with every thrust. I broke our kiss and straightened my back and saw her cock, half erect, dangling, slapping against her stomach. I took it in my hand and started stroking it. It became erect very quickly. “Yes, please do it more.” she said. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse and I thrusted harder, faster and stroke her cock more as we both moaned in ecstasy. I could feel my sweat pouring down my skin as I continued to fuck her.

I pulled out my cock and turned her on her stomach and put her on her hands and knees. I got on my knees behind her and positioned my cock against her ass again. I pushed it in again and another loud moan escaped Donza’s mouth. I took her hips in my hands and began thrusting into her ass. I leaned forward and let my breasts glide over her back. One of my hands made its way to one of her bouncing breasts while the other reached for her cock. “Aah, yeah, harder, faster, please!” she screamed as I was now thrusting into her while massaging her breasts and stroking her cock all at the same time. Each thrust drove her crazier. “You feel so good.” I said. We were both sweating and panting as we enjoyed every touch, every thrust.

I pulled my cock out again and lay down on my back. She sat down on her knees on either side of my hips and I held my cock against her ass as she made her way down onto it. She tilted her head back as she reached the base of my cock. “Aah, this is so good!” she yelled in pleasure. I placed my hands on her tighs and she began riding my cock again. With each movement I could feel her butt slap against my thighs. Her breasts bounced up and down and her hard cock slapped against her stomach as well as mine with each thrust. We both screamed out in pleasure, both moaning, yelling each others names.

She touched my breasts with one of her hands as she rode me faster and faster. “Ah, your touch feels amazing.” I said as her hand groped one of my breasts hard in ecstasy. She started stroking her own cock as mine penetrated her ass as much as it could.

“Aah Lindsay, I’m gonna come!”

“Me too Donza!”

“Please, come inside me, I want to feel you hot cum in my ass.”

It took only three more thrusts before we both came and screamed out in pleasure. My cock shot wave after wave of cum, filling her ass completely. As I was shooting my hot white cum into her, she came and shot hers onto my breasts and on my face. Just as me, she couldn’t stop cumming. I opened my mouth and I caught one shot of cum before the rest covered my breasts and stomach. After we came, she sank back down on my cock, wriggling her ass, trying to take it all in. As she did that, she leaned down and licked my face clean of her sperm. She kissed me and I could taste her delicious sperm in my mouth once again. She got off my cock and she let out a small moan as we kissed. She moved down to my breasts and stomach and licked up the rest of the sperm. She lay down next to me and I kissed her again. I needed to taste her sperm.

“That was absolutely mind blowing.” she said.

“I think my new cock passes the tests.” I said.

We both laughed. “Absolutely.” She looked at me again and said: “I love you.”

I leaned in and kissed her. “I love you too.”

It didn’t take long before we both fell asleep.

I was the first one up the following morning and prepared breakfast before I showered. Donza was already up when I came out of the shower. I walked over to her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. We ate breakfast and talked about last night.

“Thank you,” she said, “for taking me as I really am.”

“You are beautiful and amazing. I love you either way.”

She blushed and we continued eating. After she got dressed, we made our way to the medical lab for my final tests. They needed my semen to see if I would be able to impregnate a woman. I quickly jerked into a cup (thinking of Donza of course) and gave it to the doctors.

“We will have the results in about an hour.” one of them said.

Donza and I went back to her room and just talked to each other. After what seemed like forever, Vozaada entered the room and just said: “Congratulations Lindsay.” I knew immediately what it meant, I could impregnate a woman! I ran into Vozaada’s arms and cried. The only thing I could say was thank you. I let her go, she smiled at me and said: “Donza will take care of the rest. It was an honor to meet you.” And with those last words, she left the room.

Donza came to me and we hugged as well. “Now that everything is all right, it is time for you to learn how to change you cock back to a pussy.” she said.

I nodded. “With my mind right?”

“Yes,” she said, “you have to imagine having a pussy instead of a cock. You have to completely empty your mind and allow your body to change. It will take a few attempts to master.”

I stripped naked and tried to change me back. She was right, it did take a few attempts. I did as she said and cleared my mind. I imagined myself as a full woman again, no cock and allowed my body to change. I felt another sensation of pleasure, just like the first time my cock appeared. I moaned again as my balls and cock were disappearing and I felt my pussy taking it’s place. I opened my eyes and my cock was nowhere to be seen. I looked at Donza and she nodded.

“Congratulations. It’s the same thing for gorwing your cock back, you’ll just have to imagine yourself with a cock.”

I quickly did this and in no time my cock was back where it belonged. I left it like this. I put on my clothes again and felt my cock against the soft fabric of my panties.

“Now that everything is completed, it’s time for you to go back to earth.”

I felt a sadness deep inside me when she said that. I wanted to be with her, I needed her.

“Can’t I just stay here, with you?”

“No, I’m sorry, not right now. We have to report back to our home planet and that’s a journey you’re not quite ready for.”

I could feel tears building up.

“Please don’t cry,” she said, “we will see each other again. I promise.”

She gave me a long kiss and we stood there hugging for a few minutes. After a while we walked hand in hand to the transport room.

“I will come back for you, I promise.” she said as we stood there. I could see the honesty in her eyes.

“I love you.” I said.

She kissed me one last time before she said: “I love you too.”

She let go of me and the last thing I saw before a white bright light was the smile on her beautiful face.

When I regained vision, I noticed I was in the park again. Exactly on the spot were they picked me up. I looked up into the sky and said to myself again “I love you, Donza.” and I could swear I saw a flicker of light high in the sky. I smiled and I made my way to the store af I felt my cock sliding against my panties.


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