Monster-Girls big Adventures – Part 4

“I can’t watch her hurt you!” Nina explains as she roughly drags Alexia toward the house.

“What will you do with her, and me?” I ask.

“I’ll lock her in the dungeons and then brick them up.” Nina says casually. “You… I’d like to keep you, but I want you to be happy.”

I look at the android before me. She did hurt me before, but she did not intend to. I can’t fault her for that. And she wants to get rid of Alexia, I admire that. Plus, she’d be a very nice girl to live with.

“Do arachnitaurs eat vampires?” I ask.

“Yes, why?” Nina enquires.

“I have an idea.” I say with a devious grin.


The arachnitaur looks me over reproachfully, looming above me in her web. Nina stands protectively in front of me, ready to defend me from the spider woman. Between us is the slowly-waking Alexia.

“A gift.” I say. “A vampire for you to eat, oh spider-woman.”

“Why do you offer me this?” she demands.

“Well, you meant me great harm,” I explain, “but you do need to feed, so take her.”

As the spider woman descends and scoops up Alexia, the vampiress begins to come to her senses. But it’s too late. As she shrieks in indignant protest, she is wrapped in webbing and sedated with the spider’s venom.

“Thank you, human.” the arachnitaur says. “I’ll enjoy her very much.”

“Don’t be gentle.” Nina urges.

“I never am.” replies the spider, raking a razor sharp foreleg across Alexia’s bosom.

Nina takes my hand and walks with me back to the estate that Alexia once owned. It is now nobody’s but ours. We lock the gate behind us and survey our home.

“You know,” I admit, “I miss my own world, but a life here really won’t be that bad.”

“I’ll make you happy.” Nina urges with a chipper smile, hugging me in an inhumanly powerful embrace.

“No more sex for a while.” I tell her. “I’ve had enough for a long time.”

“That’s what you think.” Nina smirks.

I go pale for a moment, until Nina laughs in her happy, upbeat tone.

“I’m kidding, love.” she assures. “How about I run you a nice, warm bath so you can relax?”

“Do you just want to get me naked?” I ask.

“Probably.” she giggles, pinching my backside. “But I promise I won’t try anything without your permission.”

“Thanks, Nina.” I say, kissing her lips softly. “You’re not a monster like the others I’ve met around here.”

Nina returns the kiss passionately before steering me to the lavish bathroom, where a massive tub stands ready. Nina activates a gargoyle-shaped faucet and let’s hot water fill the massive tub. I disrobe and clamber in, gleefully sinking beneath the water.

“Nina,” I say at last, “this tub is big enough for two, you know.”

“Are you sure?” she asks. “I’m afraid I might get too excited and… try things.”

“You know what?” I smile as I pull her gently into the tub. “I think that’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure?!”

“Now that I get a say in the matter,” I gently whisper as I move close against Nina’s soft body, “I say yes…”


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