Monster-Girls big Adventures – Part 5

I try my best to move, but the ooze around me is surprisingly solid. And sticky. Good Gods is it sticky. Even trying to move my hands expends an excessive amount of energy. The pink slime, a sort of mucus membrane, covers me from my shoulders to my ankles, and try as I might, I cannot escape.

“What a delicious little snack I’ve captured.” giggles a Slug Girl as she scoops me up into her slimy embrace.

I try to pull away from her when she extends her tongue and starts licking my face. She has the upper body of a human female, but the lower body of a giant slug, and all of her form is coated with or comprised of that same squishy membrane. Her tongue laps over my face, leaving a sticky trail of ooze, ooze that smells oddly sweet, like the rest of her.

“Time for dinner.” she laughs in excitement.

I let out an elongated scream as her mouth opens, stretching impossibly wide. My head slides into her mouth, I can see nothing but the long, dark tunnel that is her throat. Her mouth slides over my shoulders next. My head is now well down her throat and I can barely breathe. How is this happening?! How can she swallow me whole?!

She’s down to my waist and my body is being squeezed, compacted inside her slippery, squishy depths. I’m going to die inside her, digested alive. Yet… why am I aroused? Why is my manhood stiff, and why does it get stiffer when, with a final gulp, she sends me down into her stomach, encasing me forever in her pink, membranous bulk? I cannot know why this excites me, I can only lie still, wait to be digested, and scream…

* * *

I awaken with a start, sitting upright with a sharp, panicked gasp. I’m naked, but I’m incased in blankets in a nice warm bed, not coated in slime inside a Slug Girl’s belly. Like every morning after a nightmare, the recent events in my once normal life flash through my head. That strange book of monster girls, the very same book that sucked me into this reality, away from my home. I recall escaping from a Slug Girl, being used to nourish a Green Slime Girl, my brief captivity amongst some amazonian elves, my horrific night in the hands of an arachnitaur, and finally my being captured by the vampire Alexia and raped for a week by her sex android, Nina. Nina, kindhearted as she was, saved me from Alexia and delivered the wicked vampire into the hands of the arachnitaur that wanted to torture me to death. Now, Nina and I live in Alexia’s lavish estate, safe from the rest of the monster girl world. Or so I hope.

I look around our shared master bedroom, with its lavish bed, lush carpeting, and decorative weaponry on the walls. It’s really very nice, in a gothic sort of way. We haven’t had the time or inclination to remodel since we took this home from Alexia.

Nina is not in bed beside me, but this doesn’t alarm me. She barely needs to sleep at all. As long as she feeds off of my energy, sexually, Nina will just keep on living. It’s relatively early in the morning, so she’s likely either in the kitchen or taking a walk around the front garden. My stomach rumbles and so I decide to go get a snack and try to relax a bit after that awful nightmare.

I put on a cloth robe and make my way down toward the kitchen, avoiding the cold stone floor with my bare feet and opting instead to step on the various rugs and carpets that adorn the floors. Such is my focus drawn to the floor that I don’t even notice the presence of another being until a human face appears in front of me.

“Hello there, boy.” purrs a disturbingly familiar tone.

I leap back, looking up slightly, and then let out a piercing shriek. The arachnitaur that once bound me in her web, the same one to whom Nina and I gave Alexia, is now scuttling along our ceiling. Her body from the waist up is that of a beautiful human woman; her skin is pale white, her eyes a ferocious red, and her hair jet-black. She wears a tight, black leather garment that accentuates her ample breasts, and she also wears matching black leather arm bands. From the waist down, her body is that of a giant spider, complete with eight razor-tipped legs and a spider’s abdomen and thorax.

“Get away from me!” I cry, backing up down the hall.

The spider-woman scuttles after me, a vicious smile on her beautiful face, a smile which exposes her venomous fangs.

“I just want to play.” she urges, dropping to the floor and landing in front of me.

I try to dodge around her, but she leans in to grab me and I jump back. My foot catches on the edge of a rug, the rug slides on the stone floor, and I fall on my back. The horrible arachnid woman looms over me, moistening her crimson lips with a flick of her tongue.

“I don’t want to play!” I feebly protest, scurrying backward on the ground until I bump my back against a wall.

I’m trapped now, and the arachnitaur knows it. She already knew it. Her shadow falls upon me, her laughter ringing in my ears.

“Yes, let’s play.” she practically moans in anticipation. “Let’s play rough.”

“Nina!” I scream at the top of my lungs. “Help me!”

I hear the sound of the front doors opening and, to my utter relief, Nina’s hurried footsteps coming up the hall. Then comes a sound that confuses me: laughter. I open my eyes, not even realizing I’d closed them in anticipation of pain, and see Nina standing halfway down the hall, giggling.

“Help me!” I snap, now as angry as I am scared.

Nina takes a moment to compose herself before addressing the arachnitaur.

“Araña,” she chastises, but in a playful tone, “I said you could come in if you didn’t hurt Marcus.”

The spider-woman turns to face Nina, giving me the chance to stand up and retie the belt on my robe.

“I didn’t hurt him,” Araña insists, “I was just teasing him a little. Your male is so sensitive.”

Emboldened by humiliation, I push past Araña and stand in front of Nina, my gaze an unwavering glare.

“She caught me in the forest,” I remind Nina, “tied me up, cut me repeatedly, poisoned me, and threatened to eat me, and you let her in?!”

Nina puts a soothing hand on my shoulder and squeezes gently, massaging some tension out of me. I fight the urge to calm down, I want to stay mad. But Nina is too good at soothing me.

“Marcus,” she assures me, “Araña swore to me, on the honor of her life, that she wouldn’t hurt you. She had to escape the forest, the elves were hunting her. She wants to stay with us for a while, and she’s sworn she won’t hurt you so long as we protect her.”

“Now we can play all the time.” Araña hisses, now only inches away from my right ear.

I yelp in surprise at her sudden closeness, and both of the women giggle. I can already tell I’m going to be the center of much of their humor. I heave a sigh of resignation and turn to Araña, extending my right hand to her.

“Araña,” I say, “if you are genuinely in danger, and you give your word that you will not harm myself or Nina, then you can stay with us.”

Araña looks puzzled at my extended hand. I suppose handshakes are unique to Earth. Instead, she takes my hand, places it on her right breast, and gives it a squeeze. I yank my hand back, more in surprise than distaste. She laughs yet again, but soon adopts a serious expression.

“I’ll do nothing against your will or that of Nina.” she proclaims. “You two gave me that vampire woman to eat, so I am already in your debt. I swear that nothing against your will shall occur.”

“Thank you.” I reply.

Nina wraps her arms around me and steers me toward the kitchen, where she proceeds to prepare a nice breakfast for me and our new guest. Unable to sit in a proper chair in her half-spider form, Araña stands by the side of the table, an occasional “click” sound coming from the shifting of her legs on the floor.

“There is a room,” I say, around a mouthful of fried eggs and toast, “a very large room downstairs. Alexia apparently used it as a dungeon. You could build a web down there if you like.”

Araña tears through a plate of bacon at a disturbing pace, her razor-sharp teeth ripping the meat to shreds. At last, after finishing off the bacon, she speaks.

“Is it subterranean, dismal, cold, and dark?”

“It is underground,” I confirm, “and therefore windowless. It’s a pretty scary place.”

“Perfect!” she gleefully exclaims.

Nina brings out a fresh plate of bacon, which she and I enjoy before Araña can get a hold of it. Apparently our new spider friend is quite the carnivore. I should have known that, given that she once planned on eating me. That memory makes me shudder.

“Are you still scared of me?” Araña asks.

I know I should fear her, but she’s not doing me any harm now. And she seems to be genuinely kind, at least so long as she needs our help.

“No, it’s okay.” I sheepishly murmur. “Just thinking of how you once threatened to eat me.”

“Oh, that.” she says in a nonchalant tone. “I won’t eat you, I promised, remember? But I can do… other things to you.”

She bats her eyelashes flirtatiously. Her smile is one which suggests that her idea of a good time will probably cause me significant pain. I look to Nina, who is seated beside me. My android lover snuggles protectively against me.

“Well,” Nina admits, still cuddling close to me, “Araña does need to feed. As an android powered by sex, I can really understand that. I’m okay with you two… interacting so Araña can feed.”

Araña licks her lips lustfully and I gulp nervously.

“But,” Nina firmly adds, “nothing happens to Marcus without his consent, understand?”

Araña nods.

“That just means I’ll have to seduce him.” the spider woman says in a lust-filled purr.

This is not at all reassuring. When I think of Araña trying to “seduce” me, my immediate mental image is that of me cocooned in webbing and hanging from the ceiling of the basement dungeon. Nina squeezes me in a reassuring way. Being an android, her idea of a reassuring hug borders on bone-crushing, but I’ve grown to enjoy her affection quite a lot.

After breakfast, Nina leads the way through the lavish mansion, down a winding set of stairs, and through a heavy iron door. The room beyond is dark, vast, and smells of damp earth. It is in essence a cave with a scattering of torture equipment; cages, a stockade, a torture rack, and several devices and implements I can’t identify line the walls of this chamber. Araña lets out a squeal of delight and scuttles into the darkness to start working on a web, thus leaving Nina and I alone together.

“You know,” Nina says slyly, entwining her arms about me, “we just ate breakfast, but I’m still hungry… You know I need to feed.”

I feign a theatrical sigh and a playful struggle to escape her clutches. In truth, if Nina wanted to do so, she could keep me as her sex-slave forever, but her kindness surpasses her strength. Still, it is fun to play.

“Very well,” I pretend to surrender, “take me away and have your way with me, temptress.”

Nina needs no more permission than that. She sweeps me off my feet, throwing me over her shoulder effortlessly and charging upstairs at an inhuman pace. When we reach the bedroom we share, Nina tosses me onto the bed and I hasten out of my robe. She’s removed her clothes in a moment and leaps on top of me, pinning me down and covering my mouth in a kiss that feels like she’s either trying to consume my mouth or jam her tongue down my throat. I’ve tried to coax her into dialing back the ferocity of her kissing, but my suggestion never seems to take root.

While laying upon me, Nina seizes my manhood and guides it into her. Designed as she is, to be the ultimate sexual being, her inner walls are ribbed for pleasure, and they vibrate as they squeeze tightly against my shaft. The vibration concentrates on the sensitive head of my member, making me moan loudly into Nina’s kiss. Her hips begin to thrust and the pleasure increases as her tight inner walls slide up and down the length of my manhood. Even when I reach my first orgasm, I know Nina isn’t done with me. One of her many powers allows her to keep me erect as long as I’m inside her, no matter how long she has her way with me.

I exclaim with a pleasure so intense that it’s almost painful, and Nina takes this as a sign to increase the speed of her eager thrusting. We each hit orgasm after orgasm, screaming in ecstasy until Nina mercifully lets me take a rest. Tireless as she is, she exuberantly cuddles against my weak, exhausted body, nuzzling at my neck.

“Nina,” I weakly gasp, “ease up a little, you wore me out.”

Nina pretends to pout, but leaves me be. Instead of trying to entice me to greater activity, she begins to gently massage my body, firmly squeezing my shoulders with her soft, cool hands. She works her way down my chest and stomach before vigorously massaging my legs. I didn’t realize how tense our lovemaking had made me until Nina’s efforts succeed in alleviating much tension from my legs. In fact, it feels so good that I find myself quickly drifting off to sleep.

* * *

I don’t know for how long I slumbered. I awaken to the sensation of hands firmly but gently working their way up my chest, stroking my body lovingly. The hands are cold, but not unpleasantly so. The hands work their way up to my shoulders, and then they slowly begin to caress my face. I feel a presence close to me; I feel cool breathing against my lips. Slowly, I open my eyes…

“Wake up, pretty boy.” Araña seductively purrs, her face less than an inch from mine, her fiery red eyes gleaming with their usual intensity.

I cry out in surprise and try to bolt away from her, but the spider-woman presses me back into the bed, laughing at my startled state. As I calm myself, I suddenly realize something very major has changed in Araña’s appearance. The spider-woman is now all woman and no spider. Her body, from the waist down, has taken on the shape of a normal woman’s lower body. Her garments are still comprised of tight-fitting, revealing black leather. Her legs are shapely and attractive.

“What happened to you?!” I exclaim in astonishment.

“Oh right, my legs.” she casually replies. “Many monsters possess the ability to change their shape for a while. I can take on this human form whenever I like, for a certain amount of time of course. Usually about a day.”

I must say I’m impressed. Not just with her appearance, but with the magic I did not know she possessed. I suppose there’s no reason she shouldn’t have magic, and I know very little of this world’s creatures outside of the knowledge I gained before acquiring the book that brought me here. Araña catches me staring at her pale-skinned legs and she smirks wickedly.

“Nina did say we could interact, you know.” Araña says, leaning in to brush my neck with her soft lips.

I shiver at the very light scrape of her fangs against my skin. I must admit, she is beautiful. But I’m still very tired from Nina’s vigorous sex.

“Can you wait?” I politely ask Araña. “I’m exhausted, honestly.”

She pretends to ponder this, as if she might say no. Then, she crawls into bed next to me and pulls me against her, laying my head on her leather-clad chest.

“Rest then,” she urges, “I can wait.”

Her presence is surprisingly comforting. She exudes power, yet when she’s acting like this she’s not so intimidating as when we first met. Her body is pleasantly cool to the touch, and she smells nice. Her scent is subtle, but sweet and fragrant. Slowly I fall back asleep in her arms, lulled to sleep by the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes, and the light caress of her hands along my back. She’s really very gentle… and soft… and pretty…

* * *

When I awaken again, I feel Nina’s familiar presence. She and Araña are both laying with me in bed, both entwined with my body. Though I’m fully awake, I keep my eyes closed and just savor the comfort of their presence. I feel so safe and warm between the two women.

“He’s so pretty and peaceful when he sleeps.” Araña observes quietly.

“Hush,” Nina whispers, “you’ll wake him.”

I can’t help but smile at that, and both women notice it immediately.

“Pretty, am I?” I ask playfully. “But only when I’m asleep.”

“Not only then,” Araña corrects, “it’s just adorable to see you asleep. You’re so helpless.”

That statement makes me shiver a bit. Araña is good at making me nervous.

“Don’t worry,” Nina assures me, “you’re our little treasure, we’d never hurt you.”

I look at Nina. I can’t help but notice that she said “our” rather than “my,” implying that I am both her’s and Araña’s.

“Are you two sharing me, now?” I ask her.

“For the time being.” she replies casually. “Is that okay? You know I love you.”

I think on that for a while. I’m still having a hard time getting used to the presence of the arachnitaur, but she is so far doing nothing more than playfully trying to seduce me.

“Okay.” I relent, much to their delight.

“I have a gift for you.” Nina says excitedly, after a moment’s silence. “Come meet me in the yard in a few minutes, okay?”

With that, she hurries off, leaving me in Araña’s care. Araña’s expression suggests she knows what’s going on, and that makes me anxious. But I’m also a bit excited. This could be something really cool.

“Well go on,” urges Araña, “get dressed and let’s meet Nina outside. Or do you really think staying naked in bed with an aroused arachnitaur is a better idea?”

At that, Araña begins to growl in a predatory manner and pulls me closer against her. I hastily bolt out of bed while Araña laughs at my dismay. I dress in some comfortable black pants and a black shirt before heading outside, followed closely by Araña.

Nina stands in the middle of the vast yard, holding the hilt of a sheathed sword. The sheath is made of metal and leather, the sword’s hilt looks thin but sturdy, and its cross-guard is circular. I marvel at the beautiful weapon, even more so when Nina withdraws it from its sheath. The blade is long, thin, and its razor-sharp edge glints wickedly in the sunlight. Nina strides forward and offers me the blade.

“I found this in Alexia’s armory.” she tells me. “I thought you should have it, and learn to use it.”

I am speechless. I take the sword, holding it easily in one hand. It is sturdy, and clearly deadly, but its weight is amazingly manageable. I step clear of Nina and give the blade a practice swing, listening to it swish through the air.

“No!” Araña barks, startling me. “Your stance is wrong and you’re committing too much weight into the swing. Do that again.”

Taken aback, I resituate my stance and send my sword in a wide arc. Araña darts in as my blade nears the end of its swing. She hits my right arm with her shoulder and sweeps at my legs with her right foot. I fall flat on my back.

“Araña!” Nina scolds. “He’s just starting out! Don’t you hurt him.”

Araña turns to look at Nina, a hard expression on her face.

“Exactly, he’s just starting out,” she replies, “no better time to break him of bad habits. You want him to be able to fend off monsters, right? Well let me help train him and he’ll be able to do just that.”

I pick myself up and nod at Araña.

“She’s right,” I admit, to Nina’s surprise, “I do need to learn it right. I have nightmares about being slain or enslaved by monsters. I love this gift, Nina, and I want to use it as best I can.”

“Okay,” Nina agrees, “but you two train carefully, okay? My Marcus is not getting hurt.”

I give Nina a warm embrace, which makes her emit a happy, purring sort of noise. Then she steps back and lets Araña take the lead. Araña guides me into a proper starting stance and directs me on how to position my blade in a defensive position.


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