Monster-Girls big Adventures – Part 7

“They need sacrifices.” she explains, her voice weak and petrified with fright. “I’ve heard them talking about offering us up to their master, a creature who has taken up residence in some vast caverns below a mountain. Are you familiar with the monsters called slime girls?”

I nod my head, recalling the translucent, female-shaped slime monster that once fed on me. She was actually fairly polite, as far as sex-crazed monsters go.

“This being apparently commands slimes,” the girl goes on, “they call her the Queen Slime, or Slime Queen or something like that. She’s promised power to the orcs if they bring her good sustenance. And that’s where we come in.”

I must admit I’m perplexed. Given that all monsters are female in this world, why would the orcs capture Nina and this human girl? I voice my confusion.

“Some monsters are less discriminate in their tastes.” Nina clarifies. “And some can transform female humans into monsters.”

“And we can still be digested, broken down for nutrients.” adds the girl with a shudder.

“I see.” I murmur unhappily.

A faint rumbling noise makes the human girl blush and cover her stomach in embarrassment. She is hungry. How long has she been without food, I wonder?

“You’re hungry,” Nina observes, “kiss me.”

“What?!” the girl exclaims.

Nina laughs a bit at the human’s surprise. The girl, thinking Nina to be crazy, scoots away from her.

“Settle down back there!” barks an orc from the front of the wagon.

Quietly, Nina beckons the girl closer. She comes, hesitantly until she’s within earshot of a whisper.

“Nina is an android,” I explain, “a synthetic human designed to be the ultimate lover. To sustain her mate during prolonged interaction, she was engineered such that her saliva is actually rich in nutrients. It won’t fill your belly, of course, but it will keep you from starving if you absorb a bit into your system.”

“Oh.” the girl shyly replies.

Slowly, so as not to spook the timid girl, Nina maneuvers herself closer. The human girl blushes when Nina’s lips press against her mouth, but her body quickly loses its tension at the sheer pleasure of Nina’s affection. Her body quivers and she goes limp in her bindings, falling back with Nina atop her. She lets out an excited moan that is stifled slightly by their increasingly passionate kissing. When at last Nina pulls away from her, the human looks both satisfied and yet still wanting.

“I’m not hungry anymore,” she gasps ecstatically, “but that was just… I don’t have the right words for that.”

“Breathtaking, isn’t she?” I chime in.

She nods in agreement.

“What’s your name, anyway?” Nina asks her.

“Elaine.” she answers.

We make our introductions quietly as we’re spirited off toward the keep of this Queen Slime of which we’ve heard. The day drags on and is entirely uneventful until the night falls and the orc wagons circle up to make a camp for the night. I hear the sounds of rations being divided up, fires starting, and the clinking of tin plates and utensils. Elaine resumes looking nervous and huddling down in the bed of the wagon in which we’ve been left.

“What’s wrong,” I ask, “are we near the Queen Slime?”

She takes a while to compose herself before she speaks.

“I think we’ll be there early tomorrow, but they don’t want to tire their horses so they’re camping for now. Last night they made camp and they… they did things to me.”

I’m speechless with shock and dismay. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; awful things happen everywhere. But I assumed that, with all monsters being female, at least human women would be safe from rape. (I assumed the very real possibility of being raped by monster women would give human men enough perspective to not act on that most evil of crimes.) Apparently I am wrong. It seems beings with power will prey on the helpless whenever they can, be it men on women in my native world, or monsters on humans in this place.

“They favor men,” Elaine mutters, “most monsters do, because of their need for male life force. But some just like to exert power, and they don’t care over whom: men, women, other monster girls.”

Even Nina looks terrified. Though she is designed as the ultimate lover, Nina has a will of her own, and I can see she is scared of having that will broken. I can’t let this happen to Nina or Elaine. The fear in their eyes surely matches my own, but I can’t let this be done to them, even if I have to sacrifice my own well-being.

We turn to the rear of the wagon as the sound of an approaching orc catches our attention. Like the others she is a bit taller than a normal human, more well-muscled, and her skin is tinted green. Like all orcs, she has small tusks that jut from between her lips. She is pretty, in a feral sort of way.

“Alright,” she demands, “who wants it first? One of you new prisoners going to volunteer, or will we just take the human girl first?”

Elaine shrinks back in terror. Nina is trembling, but she holds her position, not backing down from the orc woman.

“Take me.” I say firmly, trying not to sound afraid. “Don’t touch either of them, just do what you want with me. Please.”

The orc laughs long and hard at my show of bravery.

“Got a thing for us orc women, do you?” she asks, reaching into the wagon and roughly dragging me out. “Well that’s understandable. We’ll have some fun with you tonight, boy.”

“Marcus, no!” Nina calls out to me while I’m hauled away from the wagon and into the heart of the camp.

The orc woman could very easily carry me, but instead chooses to drag me, forcing me to stumble awkwardly along at her brisk pace. The other orc women sit by a campfire, drinking from tin cups and eating meat from plates. Well, some use plates. The more openly beast-like orcs simply hold their meat in their bare hands and tear into it with their powerful jaws. When the collective of women see me, an uproar begins, consisting of raucously shouted lewd remarks, excited chanting, and predatory growls of lust. The whole display is very unnerving and I tremble with fear. What have I gotten myself into?

“Toss that male over here,” calls one orc, “I’ll make him squeal like a speared boar!”

“Give him to me,” urges another, “I’ll put his mouth to better uses than just screaming.”

One of the nearer orcs makes a grab for me, but my current captress pulls me away just in time.

“Shut up, all of you!” she bellows. “We’ll all take turns on him. He has to be kept alive for the Slime Queen.”

“At least let us do it the fun way.” implores one of the orc women.

“Of course.” agrees my captress as she easily rips my clothes apart and lays me on my stomach on a cleared spot by the campfire.

The same orc who dragged me from the wagon now seats herself on my back, pinning me down. Suddenly, she grabs me by my hair, jerking my head up and holding something in front of my face. The item is made of a material I cannot ascertain, but it is very solid, thick, and long. It tapers to a domed tip at both ends. I realize what it is and a sense of dread courses through me. The orcs see the fear in my face and they cackle and roar with glee.

“Please, not that,” I beg uselessly, “anything but that!”

The orc woman on my back repositions herself so she’s straddling my hips. I hear her let out a low moan as she slides one end of the long, double-ended phallus into her innermost depths. Then I feel the pressure of the other end’s head pressing into me from behind. I struggle, but the orc’s thighs encircle my hips and hold me in place like a vice grip. My grunt of pain turns into a drawn out scream of anguish as the length of the device works its way deep into me. Then she begins to thrust her hips, plunging it deeper into me and making me moan loudly with every push.

When she comes to a climax, the orc woman climbs off of me, leaving that awful device still stuck in me, its free end extending upward. Now I know my fate, and my fear is confirmed when another orc moves to occupy the vacated position astride me. I don’t know for how long the orcs violently rape me. I hear their laughter and mockery at my predicament, I feel the pain of the constant deep penetration, and I eventually start to weep from the misery and degradation. Finally, when the sun has long since set, that phallus is pulled from me and I’m hauled back to the wagon. The orc women have been drinking and have grown even more boisterous in their inebriation. I’m looking forward to huddling against Nina for comfort, but that moment is denied to me for now.

“Alright, ladies,” drunkenly slurs the orc who throws me roughly into the wagon, “you’re next.”

“No!” Elaine begs. “Not again, please!”

“Scream all you want,” encourages another orc, “we like it that way.”

I try to get between the orcs and my companions, but I’m still bound and totally worn out from this violent ordeal. One orc woman strikes me hard enough that I do not dare rise again, while Nina and Elaine are dragged, screaming, from the wagon. I lay alone in semi-darkness, the light of the orcs’ campfire glowing through the canvas of the wagon. I try not to listen to Nina and Elaine’s shrieking, their pleading, their crying, and the uproar of the orcs. I don’t know what is being done to them, but despite all I’ve suffered, I’d rather it be me in the clutches of these barbaric women. I hate the thought of Nina suffering, and though I’ve only just met Elaine, her kindness and her fear both make me want to protect her from harm.

“Stop,” screeches Elaine shrilly over the commotion, “please, don’t do that! No!”

“Hold her down!” roars an orc.

Then there is more screaming. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m scared for both of my companions.

I lay in silence, listening to whatever is transpiring in the camp for a long while before Elaine and Nina are roughly thrown back into the wagon, landing on top of me. Elaine is crying quietly, her body shaking with every whimper and gasp. Nina is silent. Elaine moves off of me, curling up in a corner and whimpering like a beaten animal. I stay huddled against Nina.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. “I’m sorry I failed to protect you.”

“Oh Marcus,” she responds, nuzzling against me, “you did the best you could, my love. I’ll never be mad at you, no matter what happens.”

I lay close to her all night, falling asleep with her head on my chest. When I wake up, Elaine has joined us, cuddling close against me. All three of us lie still for a while before an orc appears at the back of our wagon. She pulls me toward her and I put forth no effort to resist.

“You’ll ride with me today,” she says happily, “I’m sure it will be a very pleasant ride.”

Much against my will, I am carried up to the lead wagon. The orc woman takes her seat and sets me on her lap. With the flick of a whip, she sets her horses to galloping and hands the reins to another orc riding by her side.

“I bet you would love the feel of this whip.” she chuckles, running her firm right hand up my thigh.

“One time,” adds her orc companion, “me and an old friend of mine hitched a male to a small cart, just big enough for me and my friend to ride in. We whipped him and made him drive us all around our compound until he could barely move. Then we handed him over to a wandering Slug Girl because he was as good as broken. He was so tired he couldn’t even outrun her!”

The two orcs laugh hysterically at that thought, and I grimace, imagining the fate of that man and pondering my own possible demise. I spend the rest of our ride being uncomfortably felt up by this orc, presumably the leader of the group. At last, our wagons come to a halt outside a well-guarded cave entrance in a mountainside. Surely the domain of the Queen Slime is within that dark cave. I know our doom lingers near at hand, and a sinking, hollow feeling washes over me.

The orcs begin unloading their possessions, including Nina, Elaine, and myself. Our ankles are unbound so that we can walk, and we are marched deep into the cave, our path sloping and winding down into the earth until the warmth of day is replaced by the subterranean cold of this grim lair. The path begins to branch off in many directions; this cavern is labyrinthine. If we ever hope to escape, we’ll have to work hard not to become lost. The orcs march us past many off-shoot paths and through a well-guarded tunnel into a massive chamber with many polls of water scattered throughout. Luminous mushrooms light the room with an eerie glow. And at the far end of the room is the Queen Slime.

Her body is composed of a gelatinous green slime, which is solid enough to maintain a form but still exudes a dripping wet texture. She currently holds the form of a human female, though inhumanly tall. When she sees us she shifts into a far more intimidating form, that of an amorphous blob-like creature with slithering tentacles, though she maintains the vague face of a human woman.

“New prizes,” she exclaims, her voice resonating in a sensual tone throughout the cavernous chamber, “I will taste each of them and decide what to do with them.”

The orcs step back and we cluster together, all of us naked except for our wrist bindings. Silently, acting on some prearranged order, an orc steps forward and cuts our wrist restraints, taking away the lengths of rope. But we dare not try to escape, not in this cave full of well-armed monster girls. Still we huddle together as a long tentacle extends from the Queen Slime and lightly traces over each of us, leaving a trail of wet ooze in its wake. Her slime smells like citrus, a sort of lime-like scent that is not unpleasant.

Elaine squeals when the tentacle slithers across her thighs. This exclamation seems to prompt the Slime Queen to act. The tentacle wraps around Elaine’s waist and hauls her across the floor. The poor girl shrieks in horror and I want to help her, but the orc women won’t let us move. More tendrils join the first, twisting around Elaine, caressing and exploring her body.

“Let me go!” she begs. “Please don’t do this to me!”

“You talk too much.” observes the horrible queen.

In a single motion, the monster engulf’s Elaine’s head in her mouth, muffling the pitiful pleading. Slowly she begins to suck Elaine’s struggling body into her slimy bulk, until all of Elaine is gone, swallowed up inside the Slime Queen. Nina and I both scream in horror and cling to each other in fear. I hold tight to Nina as a new tentacle wraps around her ankles and begins to pull her away.

Nina cries out in horror, begging for me to help her, clawing at the floor as she’s pulled toward the awaiting monster. I step forward, ready to leap to her aid, and two orcs tackle me to the ground, pinning me down painfully.

“Let me up,” I demand, “please, I have to help her. I love her, please!”

“Marcus!” Nina screams as she’s lifted to the Queen Slime’s lips.

I struggle and am struck repeatedly by my captresses. The queen extends a tongue of slime and licks Nina’s face and chest excitedly. Nina whimpers and trembles in the grasp of the queen. But, to my astonishment, the queen sets Nina down rather than eating her.

“Put her in a cell.” she instructs her guards. “I like her taste, she will make a fun plaything. And now for the male.”

Two guards haul Nina away roughly, while my own set of guards pulls me to my feet and holds me still. A slimy, wet tentacle shoots forward and caresses my manhood, before coiling tightly around my genitals. The guards release me and my body is sharply yanked across the room and pressed against the amorphous bulk of the Queen Slime. Her body shifts against me, parting slightly to absorb my genitals and squeeze them in her cool, gooey gel.

“You taste amazing.” the queen tells me, her face now less than an inch from mine. “I’ll keep you alive for a long time.”

Her slimy lips cover mine in a disgusting, wet kiss. Her tongue slides into my mouth, probing around and exploring deep into my throat. I gag and squirm, but I can’t fight her, and my body reacts to the firm pulsing sensations of her body around my manhood. As I near my climax, the queen’s mouth expands and engulfs my entire torso. I gasp for air, screaming inside her body as my seed is milked out of my shaft. And then, I see Elaine, trapped deep in the bulk of the Slime Queen, somehow still alive and writhing desperately. She meets my eyes and mouths the words “Help me!” before her body sinks out of view.

Just when I think I’m about to pass out, I am ejected from the queen’s body, dripping with her slime from head to toe. Orcs seize me and I am marched from the queen’s chambers and brought to a block of prison cells. Many cells hold monster girls, many others hold men, and some very unfortunate men have been locked up with monster girls. These men cry out in torment as their ravenous cell mates torment them. Surely the monster girls know they will soon die, so they’re having as much fun as they can. I watch a Snake Girl twist herself around a man, crushing his body and sinking her fangs into his neck. A Scorpion Girl holds her male mate down with powerful claws and repeatedly stings him with her venomous tail, deriving arousal from his agonized screams. A Succubus ignores the tired pleading of her captive male as she relentlessly rapes him on the floor of their cell. From his anguished begging, it sounds as if she’s been ravaging him for days.

Finally I’m thrown into a cell with Nina, who looks up sharply at the sound of the opening door. The guards leave us and Nina leaps on me, clinging tightly to my body and wiping slime from my face and hair. We hold each other for a long while and just cry for our predicament, and for the loss of Elaine. I can still see her horror-stricken face, her mouth moving to silently beg for help while being digested alive.

“At least it’s over for her.” Nina tries to reassure both me and herself. “She’s not still suffering now.”

“I couldn’t help any of us,” I mumble, “I’m no fighter… We’re going to die.”

Nina holds me tight and brushes more slime from my hair. We lay on the cell’s bare floor and just cuddle for a long time, gazing into each other’s eyes and wishing things had not so suddenly changed for us.

“I could end it,” Nina says quietly at last, “I could… I could kill you quickly and then destroy myself.”

“It’s something to consider,” I admit, “but I… I’m scared.”

Nina nods. She is scared, too. Neither of us want to die, but what sort of life will this be. Raped by that monster girl, reminded constantly of watching Elaine die, and eventually being eaten alive.

“We’ll die here either way.” I say at last. “I’ll endure whatever comes, so long as I can spend more time with you before it happens.”

“If I have to die, I’m happy to have known you, Marcus.” Nina replies quietly. “I love you, with all of my heart.”

“I love you, too.”

* * *

About a week goes by. Nina and I are dragged from our cells daily by guards, some of them orcs, some of them Slime Girls, some of them indistinguishable in full suits of armor. We’re each tortured daily by the queen, and forced to watch each other suffer. The queen enjoys submerging us in her bulk, smothering us in slime, and penetrating our bodies with her awful tendrils. And by night, we are thrown back in our cell, finding comfort only in each other’s arms. The Scorpion Girl in the adjacent cell accidentally killed her male. As punishment, she is taken to the queen’s chamber, and we never see her again.

It is what we presume to be night when an armor-clad guard pulls open our cell door, startling Nina and I awake. It seems as if we’d only just fallen asleep; could time have passed so quickly? The guard silently motions us toward her.

“You two,” she hisses, “follow me, and keep quiet.”

“What’s going on?” I ask, and am struck in the face with one of her metal gauntlets.

I grunt and clutch at my mouth; my lips are bleeding from the blow. We follow the armored guard away from our cells, away from the sound of the Snake Girl whipping her cell mate with her tail, and away from the sound of the Succubus groaning as she grinds her hips against her unwilling lover’s face. But the guard does not take us to the chamber we’re used to. Instead, she leads us down a dark, deserted path that starts to slope upward before rejoining the main path.


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