The Beast Needs – Fantasy Erotic Story

“Dane,” she whispered softly, his sensitive ears picking up on the huskiness of her voice, a shiver running down his spine.

“Alana, how did you get in here?”

“Roger let me in,” she stated inching closer.

As soon as she was close enough, she tentatively reached a hand out, brushing her fingers across the taut muscles of his abs. He sucked in a breath, his eyes flashing the pale blue of his beast. Alana wasn’t afraid. No, she was excited by the reaction her innocent touch stirred in him. She trailed her hand lower, hoping to coax another reaction from the powerful male in front of her, but his hand shot out, quickly grasping the taunting hand in a vise like grip.

Dane waited until she met his eyes before he said, “You’re playing with fire. You need to leave Alana.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Alana said stubbornly, raising her other hand to his chest.

Dane growled low in his throat, taking her other hand, he held them with one hand above her head, pressing her into the wall with the long length of his body. She gasped as he pressed his erection against her core, the slow grind causing wetness to stir in the private area between her thighs. He didn’t stop there. Taking his free hand, he ran it down her body, following the same path that her hand had taken just seconds earlier.

“Is this what you wanted?” He asked gruffly, affected by this just as much as she was.

“Yes,” she moaned, pushing her breasts into his chest, silently begging him to feel her there.

A corner of his mouth quirked up at her throaty response, but he didn’t oblige her, not yet at least. Snaking his arm around her waist, he hefted her up, spreading her thighs wider as her long legs wrapped around his waist. Dane could feel the heat pulsing between her legs and he had to restrain the beast with every fiber of his being from rearing its ugly head, desperately wanting to be let loose to have a go at the prize he saw.

He cupped her face in his palm, forcing her to meet his fierce gaze. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, the clear hunger in them making his already hard erection harder.

“If we were to do this, it won’t be an easy ride. I’d take your you until you were begging me for mercy, and even then, I wouldn’t stop.”

If he thought his words were going to frighten her, he was wrong. She only seemed to get more excited.

“Then take me Dane. It’s what I want.”

Dane groaned, surrendering to her for the moment. Not that he was going to fuck her, she wasn’t ready for that yet, but he would pleasure her and make her come more times than she could count.

He pressed his lips to hers, licking the seam of her lips with the soft decadence of his tongue. She gasped and he took advantage of it, plunging his tongue into her mouth wrestling with her own. She responded in kind, not holding anything back from him.

Alana was determined to show him that she was not weak and she wasn’t afraid of the beast that lurked beneath his skin. She’d seen a glimpse of it, his face morphing briefly, but it hadn’t bothered her. Pressing herself against the erection that bulged in his fatigues, she slowly rolled her hips forward and was rewarded with a soft moan from him, his hand coming down to squeeze her waist which would surely leave a bruise.

Dane released his assault on her mouth, trailing his lips down the slender curve of her throat, sucking gently where he felt her pulse racing. She tugged forcefully against his hold on her wrists, but her strength was no match for his.

“If I let you go, you cannot touch me. D’you agree with that?”

“No,” she sounded flustered, her face burning red with intensity.

“If you don’t, this stops now.”

“I will never,” she gasped as she felt the bite on her neck, not hard enough to pierce her flesh, but hard enough to send a delicious tremor through her body.

“Ok, no touching.”

He released her arms as soon as the words left her lips and carried her over to his bed, dropping her in the middle. Alana barely had a chance to push her hair out of her face before he was crawling over her, the pale blue of his eyes glowing steadily. She knew in this moment he was more animal than man.

Without hesitation, he ripped her shirt in half, baring her bra covered breast to his hungry gaze. He cupped them in his hands and she arched up at the exquisite contact. Dane placed a tentative kiss to her shoulder, moving down until he was eye level with her bra. He glanced up at her, a feral smile curling his lips before he tore her bra open with his teeth.

As the cool air kissed her nipples, they tightened, becoming hard points. Dane didn’t waste time, closing his mouth over one of the taut pearls that begged for his attention. Alana cried out , reaching out to hold his head to her, but with a shake of his head, he stopped her.

“Unh unh love, no touching.”

He turned his attention to her other breast, giving it the same care he’d given the other. Alana was lost to the sensation of his insistent mouth, tugging gently on her already sensitive nipples. She reached out to grasp the sheets, needing an anchor since she was not allowed to touch him.

Dane created a trail of wet kisses down her stomach, dipping his tongue into her navel as he descended lower. He leaned up as the little pair of shorts she wore caused a distracting barrier to the area he was craving to go to. Her body was flushed with blood and he could hear it running quickly through her veins, her heart racing with excitement.

Looping his fingers in her shorts and panties, he tugged them down watching her face as he did it. She was no longer making eye contact, but her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her teeth biting hard against her lush bottom lip that was a bit swollen from his kisses. Dane couldn’t understand why he was a bit annoyed that she wasn’t looking at him, but he didn’t dwell on it, just parted her thighs and turned his gaze to the treasure that glistened pink with her excitement.

At the sight, he almost came. Just the thought of sliding between her pale thighs and implanting himself there had him choking back another growl. He couldn’t have her that way and he knew it, but he was going to give her what she so needed.

He pushed her legs farther open with his shoulders, the musky smell of her sex hitting his senses as he leaned closer. His beast was in a frenzy in his head, wanting a piece of her almost as bad as Dane did. It was insistent, begging to taste her and Dane cut back a curse. He needed to calm down so he wouldn’t hurt her. He was fully capable of it.

“Dane please.” Alana’s voice carried down to him, the need in her voice finally snapping him back into the present.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered against her, watching the way her body quivered.

“I want what you’re doing,” she whispered back, the way her legs tried to close signaling her embarrassment.

“I’m not doing anything sweetheart,” he told her as he traced her inner thighs with his thumbs as he pushed them back open.

“Dane,” she whimpered angrily.

He barked out a laugh, but didn’t give her what she really wanted, not yet at least.

“Just say it. I know you want to. You’re craving what I can give you and as soon as you say it, I’ll do it.”

She still wouldn’t answer and Dane tsked, moving his hand to run a finger up her cleft making her body spasm and another throaty cry to spill out. He pressed just the tip of his finger against her clit and felt the hard little nub spasm against his finger.

“Say it now or I’ll walk away, I mean it.”

He couldn’t very well walk away from her in this moment if his life depended on it, but she didn’t know that. He craved her more than air and he wasn’t going to settle with her shy tongue. He wanted her open and honest with him, in all situations.

“Your tongue on me,” she whispered finally, her hands reaching out to cup her breasts.

Dane growled at the sight, sliding his hands over hers, giving them a squeeze, before he move them away. He wanted to be the one to give her pleasure, no exceptions.

“Where do you want my tongue, Alana?”

“Between my legs,” she practically screamed at him, her emotions running high.

He kissed her inner thigh, purposely misunderstanding her words.He laved at the spot, giving her the impression that his tongue could do wicked things if in the right spot.

“God Dane, put your tongue on my pussy.”

He eagerly obliged her, spreading her sex with his thumbs and delving his tongue between. Her back arched high into the air and he moved his hands up to her hips to hold her in place. The soft moans she elicited grew in pitch and she was soon moaning so loudly that it overrode everything for Dane. He needed to hear her scream his name, to have it spill out as she came on his tongue.

Her head thrashed on his pillow, her mouth slightly agape. She was a stunning sight with her black tresses spilling like ink around her. He pulled her leg over his shoulder, opening her wider as he slipped his tongue inside her and swirled it around, taking in more of her maddening flavor. Dane was maddened with lust and though he’d just begun, he could feel the orgasm curling inside her.

“Look at me Alana, don’t close your eyes,” he breathed against her.

Her eyes popped open and locked onto his, the glaze in her eyes making his dick twitch.

“Watch me make you come.”

He held her gaze as he lowered his head back down and took her back into his mouth. Flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue, her breathing became labored and as he sucked her clit into his mouth, she erupted into a million pieces, his name spilling from her lips. She didn’t break the gaze however, keeping her eyes wide open as he watched the unadulterated lust cloud her vision.

Dane didn’t stop until he felt her after shocks and only then did he rise up to his knees, unbuttoning his pants. Yea, he was going to late until a later date to have her, but he couldn’t. He knew the dangerous situation he put himself in when he chose to do this, but he didn’t know that his self control was going to shatter. Dane was going to have her once and for all and there was nothing going to stop him.

Alana eagerly reached up, helping him with his pants. Her fingers were trembling a bit with her movements, her orgasm making her uncoordinated.

They managed to get his fatigues undone, shoving them down to his knees. He straddled her little body, poised at her entrance, he was ready to slide home when the alarm went off in his room. Red lights flashed and he jerked away from her. He quickly redid his pants, tugging on a shirt and throwing Alana one.

“What does that mean?” Alana asked, fear taking over her once lust filled voice.

“Not sure, might be an intruder. Stay in my rooms and do not leave under any circumstances, clear?”

He tossed her a shirt and stormed out of the room, locking the door behind him. His body was still jacked up with lust and whoever issued this alarm better have had a damn good reason or someone was going to be answering to the beast tonight.

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