The unseen Beast – Part 1

In the land of curses and blessings, there was once a young princess who was locked into a tall red brick tower covered in bright green ivy in the middle of the deep dark enchanted woods by a misunderstood not so evil as every one believed old witch. The misunderstood not so evil as every one witch had tricked the King and Queen for their daughter when she was but an infant with a head of cabbage. The witch had locked the young girl into a tower to keep her pure from the evils of the world. The witch was sure that if the princess was to remain with her parents, that she would become a cruel and unjust leader like the villain the King was beginning to show signs of. The Queen was a vain creature and was rather fond of the mirror on the wall and would croon to it when she thought no one was looking. Before giving up the princess, they saddled her with the worse name they could think of as a subtle sort of revenge to the misunderstood not so evil witch that had tricked them. The King and Queen named the small smiling and gurgling infant the unfortunate name of Rapunzelle. A few years later there was a revolt in that kingdom against the king and queen. They were both beheaded in front of the entire kingdom on a sunny afternoon. There were rumors of the princess still being alive, so the high counsel ruled the land fairly until the princess could be found.

The witch could not bear to call the child by that name, and chose to call her Raz for short. While in the tower the young Raz grew up and filled her mind with the knowledge of scholars and myth. The witch would visit with her weekly and teach about the different cultures of the world and try to prepare her for ruling a kingdom, while she waited for the prince the witch had promised to come and bring her to the real world. Only a prince with a noble and just heart would be able to find his way to the tower that she called home.

One day a young single prince from the neighboring kingdom was chasing a wild bore and ended up lost in the enchanted woods. The prince being a wise man, decided to climb the tallest tree he could find and try to figure out where he was. While he was half way up the tree, he spied the bright green ivy-covered tower in the distance. Thinking that he would be able to find a person in the tower he departed from the tree and ventured toward the tower. After a short bit of traveling on foot he found himself in front of the ivy tower. Walking around the tower twice he discovered that there was not door to the base of the tower. Puzzled by this, he saw a window at the top of the tower with some sort of movement in the room. Feeling adventurous the young prince tested the strength of the vines of the bright green ivy and started climbing to the open window. Making it to the top of the tower he hoisted himself into the room and clattered noisily on to the floor, startling Princess Raz into dropping her hairbrush. The noise of the hairbrush hitting the floor made the young prince look up and directly into the princess’s crystal blue eyes. After a moment of confusion they both began to smile. Some people know love at first sight.

The witch was known to make weekly visits, materialized at the top of the stairway. Despite there not being any doorway at the base of the tower, there was a secret passage underground that opened up to a secret under ground cave that the witch had created for hauling goods back and forth from the tower. The not so evil witch was getting old and thought that it would be a waste of power and talent to simply transport herself where ever she wanted. Simple things like time space distortion always had to be factored in. Having an underground tunnel was just good thinking.

The witch having the for-sight that a prince would be presenting himself soon to young princess Raz, decided to make an early trip to the tower that week, with was she felt would be very handy in a short a mount of time for the young girl. The gift in all its finery was a white dress of lace, satin and pearls. Something suitable for a wedding and a coronation.

Raz and the young prince were both very surprised by the sudden appearance of the witch. The prince drew his sword at the witch and made a lunging motion to at the witch, which spurred princess Raz out of her shocked trance at seeing the prince. Having never seen an actual man before, she was a little shocked to see what they looked at, but threatening her benefactor and the only person she had ever known made move into action. Throwing herself in front of the witch as he made one more paring motion, the prince with drew his sword realizing that the old witch was not there to hurt her. The witch being very amused by the display of masculinity the prince was showing and the wisdom of withdrawing his sword decided that he was worthy of Princess Raz. Laying a giant dress box on the four-poster bed. The witch took both of Raz’s hands into her old withered ones and kissed them. Whispered for her to be happy and disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. The prince being confused by all of this opened the box the witch had set down. Parting the tissue paper he saw a white gown and a creamy white envelope with black writing on it addressed to him. Frowning a moment, he opened the envelope. Raz pulled the dress out of the box and quickly changed into it in front of the prince. The note to the young princes told him of the young Raz’s heritage, making her lineage worthy if not worthier then his to rule.

Shortly after seeing her in the fine white gown meant for a queen, he whisked her away from her isolated tower and married her that very evening in front of all upon the kingdom who could take leave to witness such an event. The old king who was ailing in his health, approved of this, since he was not sure how long he would be able to remain in that world. Three weeks later the prince was crowned king and the country mourned the loss of King Humpledink and welcomed King Zemeckis and Queen Rapunzelle to the throne.

Several years after being married and much enthusiastic trying Queen Raz announced to the court that an heir was on the way. Many in the kingdom rejoiced for hearing this news. Not wanting to offend, Queen Raz invited the misunderstood witch who had raised her to come and bless the expected heir of the kingdom. Now despite the queens peculiar upbringing and the witch doing her best to instill good solid values into her, there was still a bit of vanity that laid deep with in the queen that from time to time would make an appearance. With this said, she tried to persuade the old witch to bless the expecting child with innate good looks. The witch realizing was the young queen was asking, granted her request but not in the exact words the young queen was expecting. The wording of the blessing spread through the land, “My the beauty of your inside reflect upon you, and may true loves kiss seal the form.” It was later discovered that the queen was expecting twins.


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