The unseen Beast – Part 2

A couple of decades later

Duke Blagnor and Princess Amaryllis walked down the aisle in a shower of white and red rose petals. Wedding bells chimed through out the air and white doves were released into the air as the happy couple climbed into the glittering carriage drawn by four white horses with big red bows tied to them. Several people ducked hoping that they wouldn’t be hit with bird droppings, despite it being said to be good luck. The horses stamped impatiently as the bride kissed all eleven of her sisters on their rosy cheeks before she climbed into the highly decorated carriage. The drive snapped the reins once and the carriage took off down the cobblestones to the secluded honeymoon destination.

Violet surveyed the crowd morosely. The dancing had stopped, but the music was still playing in the background softly. Violet wasn’t even fond of the dancing, but it was something that she had always known. She and her sisters had been cursed. They had been forced to dance every night at midnight until two nights ago. The king, their father had long ago made a decree that any that could break the curse of his twelve dancing daughter would be marry the oldest one as his reward and become king once he died. Those hopefully of marrying any of the princesses had to try and break this curse. All those who tried would have three nights and three tries to break the curse or else forfeit their lives and their land. Many rich and not so rich royals flocked toward the kingdom of Berttletic hoping to break the curse. The king had grown quite rich from all those that had attempted. He didn’t even seem to mind that his daughters would be spinsters as long as the wealth kept piling up with those that tried and failed.

Duke Blagnor being cunning and broke with nothing else to lose started accompanying half-witted hopefuls to the castle and watched them fail time and time again. While he watched the hopefuls fail he noticed that they always danced to the same tune over and over again. After receiving an anonymous hint that changing the tune could possibly break the curse, he decided to give his method a try, between that he was hopelessly in love with the oldest princess, Princess Amaryllis. Her raspberry colored lips entranced him with every word they shaped and the sound of her silver tinkling laughter made his heart swoon. After a while of hanging about the castle, notes were passed between him and the princess. Duke Blagnor quickly discovered that she had a fine mind and a sense of humor about her also. Every time he had been to the castle she had been endlessly sweet to him and kind to him, and the thought of her marrying any one other then him would have broken his hearted. So thinking it through he stayed up all night and watched them dance two nights in a row. Marking how gracefully and lovely they were while they danced. On the last night, he brought out a flute from his pocket and harmonized with the tune while it played and about half way into the melody he change some of the notes and slowly changed the melody so that the original melody was no longer recognizable. In just a moment the curse that forced them to dance, was broken and immediately several sisters fell out of step, one of them tripped and another fell on her bum. Two days later Duke Blagnor and Princess Amaryllis were married, leaving Violet lost in her own thoughts of her future for the first time ever. It is so easy to not think about things when you don’t have to, when you have a routine and you always know what you are going to do, day in and day out. It gives a person a sense of security.

Her sisters in all their pink finery fluttered around all the pompous courtiers and the neighboring royals. Several of them making it quite obvious that they were more then ready to have their own wedding night. A couple of them were dancing with willing partners on the tiled ballroom floor. The king, her father sat on his throne, smugly viewing the gathering and peering down dresses of girls younger then his oldest daughter. Violet supposed that her father was amused by the whole spectacle and with having an heir; he could easily take a second wife, since his first wife had died in childbirth supporting his quest for an heir.

Violet had never felt so alone in her life. All she had ever known was the dancing and spending her days with her sisters, most particularly Amaryllis. It may not have been an exciting life, but she had enjoyed the peace of it. And here she was dressed in pink silk to her toes, tied in a corset that made her back her and her breast way to visible for her comfort. Her mahogany colored hair curled and twined with pearls through and through. Glittering jewels dripped from her neck and ears causing every movement she made to shimmer and shine. She hated it. She hated people gazing at her creamy breasts and talking down to her like she was ornamental centerpiece and had no brain of her own. She hated the fuss of it all, she decided that she had enough of people in general; she made her way to the library to avoid the bulk of them. Once in the library, she saw several people in various stages of undress in intimate embraces. With a sigh, she decided to just call it a night. The dancing had stopped, and there was nothing for her to fill the void yet. Her sisters didn’t seem to care one way or the other and the companionship and feeling of belonging that she got while dancing felt like it would never be restored. Making her way to her room, she avoided the canoodling couples in the hall. Once she made it into her room, she locked her bedroom door, to prevent any accidental intrusion and changed into bed cloths. It was a little tricky to get all the finery off and her hair combed out with out her maid, but she wasn’t going to rack her down in the middle of the celebrations and she wasn’t going to unlock the door for the maid to assist later. It was just too risky that someone might accidentally walk in, since her room was the closest to the festivities. With another sigh, she blew out her candle, put an eye mask over her eyes, to block out all the torch light in the court yard and went to sleep. She did all of this with the hope that things would change for her in the morning.


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